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15-14_33_36-01-IMG_0054Google just wrapped up their developer conference and I’m about to wrap up my coverage . . . for now. Google introduced so many new ideas this week, it’s hard to say which will still be important a month from now or a year from now. But for the moment, there are a few more significant upgrades that I wanted to discuss.

First, let’s talk about Google’s move into the world of streaming music. It’s called Google Play Music All Access – which doesn’t exactly roll trippingly over the tongue. Perhaps we should call it GPMAA? Before GPMAA, you could only use Google Play to stream music you purchased through the system. Now, you can listen to just about anything for the low, low price of only $9.99 a month.

To get you hooked, you can try it for 30-days for free and if you sign up before June 30, they’ll only charge you $7.99.

GPMAA combines internet radio with music storage. When you’re online, you can listen to 20 million songs, just randomly or you can create radio stations based on songs or artists. If you interact with the site, it will learn what you like and don’t like and begin to customize the playlist.

If you need music for your daily 1-mile bike ride in the wilderness, you can download songs at no additional cost (I think.) You can also add 20,000 of your own songs which I think is excessive but who am I to judge. You can also buy new songs so I’m not sure how those songs differ from the free downloads.

The big news, unlimited skips and no commercials. Sounds worth it for that alone.

google music
It looks pretty, but early reviewers haven’t been very kind. There are already complaints about random bugs and the removal of a delete button and other features. Oh well, can’t please all of the people . . . ever.

If GPMAA isn’t enough to keep you permanently logged on to Google, their new Google Play game service upgrade should do the trick. The new service let’s you play the same game across all of your devices. Never lose your place, your points, your achievements or leaderboard status. Neat, but it’s really more of an initiative than a new feature since game developers have to add it to their games in order to make it work. says that Super Stickman Golf 2 and World of Goo already have the service – so what more could you ask for? You’re good to Goo.

Have you tried the new Google Music service? Tell us what you think of it or any of Google’s new features.



  • Jan Merrifield

    I am interested in
    looking for more of such topics and would like to have further information.
    Hope to see the next blog soon.

  • GPMAA sounds like a good deal. I love the learning-what-you-like thing. I easily get sick with my playlist, so having the system arranged it for me based on my previous preference sounds interesting.


    Ventura County

  • Anna Pham

    I am interested in trying because it sounds very attractive, and can become a big competitor to itunes of apple. However, there are few players in this field with more competitve price such as spotify so we’ll see how Google doing.

  • seowording

    how can i use this new service ?