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Google-Adwords-Express-Logo1Google’s AdWords Express which is designed to help small businesses take advantage of paid search by literally doing the heavy lifting for them through placement of ads on behalf of the advertiser, got a facelift of sorts.

Google is on a push to make things more beautiful and efficient. I get it in theory but the whole beautiful part sounds so forced although it is a company mantra these days.

The Inside AdWords blog tells us

Today, when you log into AdWords Express, you’ll notice a brand new look. We’ve listened to your feedback and worked with a lot of small businesses to streamline the AdWords Express experience. It’s part of our ongoing efforts to make Google products more beautiful and efficient.

The first change comes in the dashboard where Google tells us:

Small business owners have told us that they’re busy and that they don’t want to spend time looking for the information they need. We redesigned the dashboard to show you at a glance how many views, clicks and calls your ad has generated. There’s a simple pie chart for tracking your monthly spending, and you can also compare results over time with the new performance graph.

Google couldn’t figure that out on their own? Most SMB’s are pressed for time so if you have to root around for information in a confusing interface that was engineered by engineers for engineers then of course they might not be thrilled. Oh well. The new dashboard looks like this.

AdWords Express New Dashboard 5.17.13

Another improvement is the paring down the sign up process to just three steps (which is more of a benefit to Google and, once again, why do they need to ‘discover’ the idea that the less steps the better for non-engineer types?).

Last but not least is real-time ad previews. They look like this.

Real Time Ad Previews AdWords Expresss 5.13

OK, so now Google AdWords Express is more beautiful and efficient. Do you feel better?

  • drjoebav

    Glad it looks better, but it still doesn’t let you choose keywords, have any negative keywords, schedule time of day, choose bid prices etc and a host of other AdWords features, all of which end up wasting alot of advertiser’s money

    • tumi99

      Correction there; there are negatives per category, chosen by Google.
      If you want AdWords features, maybe use AdWords instead…..

  • Anna Pham

    It definitely look much better I think , thanks for sharing,