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bg8thYouTube turned eight years old over the weekend and almost one out of every two people on the Internet showed up for the party. Their gift? 100 hours of video uploaded every minute.

Ah, seems like only yesterday that we were sitting in grandmom’s living room watching silent home movies on a Super 8 projector that clattered like a train coming down the track. Now we have video wherever we go. (But I kind of miss the clack-clack-clack. I wonder if there’s an app that will add the Super 8 projector sound to YouTube videos?)

Even though YouTube isn’t a baby anymore, it still has plenty of “firsts” in its future. This week, it was the launch of the first “YouTube Comedy Week.” 150 comedians participated in the event including Rainn Wilson, Ryan Higa, Smosh, The Lonely Island, Vince Vaughn, The Fine Bros, and The Gregory Brothers. They also prepared a special YT tribute, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, a word from my ex-Governer, Arnold Schwarzenegger:


Paid YouTube Channels

The bigger news is YouTube’s Paid Channel launch. Earlier this month, YouTube teamed up with a handful of partners to test this new subscription model. There are some names I recognize such as UFC, Franklin (the educational show for kids), Laugh Factory, Jim Hensen and Corman’s Drive-In (wonderful old b-movies). I didn’t recognize DHX but clicking though, I see that it’s loaded with retro cartoons such as Sonic and Inspector Gadget – good times.

retro dhx

You can see the full list here. For marketer’s, I’d suggest Big Think Mentor . Subscription prices range from $2.99 a month to $5.99 a month and they all have a free 14-day trial.

A year ago, I wouldn’t have expected this to fly. Now, I think this is going to be a nifty new revenue stream for YouTube and the content providers. From here, I imagine YouTube will eventually open this option up to anyone who wants to sell (rent?) rather than just give away their best content for free. If you don’t want to wait, you can use this form to contact YouTube now about setting up your own paid channel.

Finally, here’s a mighty hip-hip hooray and happy birth-day  to YouTube – this TV gal would feel lost with out you.

Now here’s a birthday message from The Gregory Brothers:

*YouTube officially posted their first video on April 23, 2005 but they’re official public launch was in May and they claim yesterday / today as their birthday, so I’m going with it.

  • The Ricky Gervais ‘David Brent Guitar Lessons’ for YouTube comedy week are absolutely brilliant, he just released the first episode today on his channel.

  • julix12

    Happy 8th birthday youtube 🙂 asia puzzles

  • emrnitin

    Has it been 8 years only? It seems like YT has been there ever since.

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