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customer-feedback-matters-previewThe Internet world is indeed a mobile world. There is no longer proof needed for that to agreed to amongst any marketers.

What that mobile world has created, however, is a brave new world for the consumer who now wields more power than ever. That power comes mostly in the form of reviews of a business’ products and services. It all leads to a customer who can voice great joy or great dissatisfaction with a business and that is power.

According to Gib Olander, CEO, Local Viewpoints,

Word-of-mouth advertising has long been recognized as the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions; in today’s mobile friendly, digital world, consumer testimonials and online reviews have become the default way within search results for consumers to judge the viability of a business to meet their needs.

The folks at Local Viewpoints put together an infographic to help further explain this reality of today’s online world.

Here it is.


The importance of the review is hard to deny for sure. What is even harder is to deny is the general disarray that the local review space is in. You can’t flip over a rock without hearing complaints about Yelp or Google reviews. Olander continues

Reviews have become the go-to decision-making content when performing local searches. Studies show that 90% of people use online reviews to make buying decisions. It’s become evident that there aren’t enough reviews on enough businesses.

So what are you doing to control your reviews, get more reviews and ultimately impact your bottom line? It’s an important question that demands an answer in the brave, new mobile world.

Editor’s note: If you are looking for a strong company to create infographics for your business, check out our friends at Avalaunch Media who created the above infographic. This was not a paid ad or anything. Just a heads up to our readers. Carry on.

  • Bob Sommers

    Have you seen the Five Star Review System yet? It’s a great tool to help you get customer reviews on all of the search engines and review sites. Very easy to use and super effective.

  • Ernesto Schmidt-Mumm

    What do you think about black hat practice and the raising misstrust in online reviews. I guess that 10% + of online reviews might be a fake.