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Memorial Day means the start of the summer blockbuster movie season. This weekend, we’ll all be getting Fast and Furious again along with another Hangover. Next month, Superman returns to the big screen and in July the Lone Ranger rides again. But if you prefer not to fight the crowds, you can also stay home and watch some of the best movies (or the worst if that’s your thing) on your PC or mobile device.

In honor of this holiday weekend, here’s a look at how men and women stream from M-Go.

streaming steaming

What a terrible blow for TV sets all over America. They probably have no idea how often their man is cheating on them! He’s running around with that hot, stylish mobile phone while his first love sits in the living room, cold and alone just waiting to be turned on.

The sad thing is, only 34% of streamers are satisfied with their choice. 81% said they have to bounce between at least two services in order to fulfill their needs.

Women, you’re not blameless in this either. Sure, men started this whole streaming trend but now you’re just as guilty as they are.

queens of stream

44% of men have been streaming for more than 3 years but in the past year, women have men beat 31% to 20%.  I’m totally behind this move. Why should men have all the fun? Women need to entertained. They need an outlet so they can relax and experience the romance all over again.

As we all know, the first time is the hardest. That’s why 43% of first time streamers made sure they were alone before they tried it. But once they did, they were hooked. Additionally, M-Go learned that men prefer to do it for longer periods of time, while women prefer to keep it under an hour.

streaming when

The study also found that men are mainly concerned with good looks while for women, it’s all about the price.

We’ll end with this: women are more likely to do it with a tablet while men prefer to do it with their PC.  (I’m having a Weird Science flashback.)

If you choose to stream this holiday weekend, that’s your prerogative. Just don’t forget to give your television some love. Whether you needed a laugh, a good cry or a distraction from the harsh realities of this world – your TV has always been there for you. Time to give back.

Be safe and we’ll see you back here next week.