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AA Admirals ClubSay what you will about Klout (and I am sure someone will have plenty to say about it for sure) but they are making progress in tying a measure of social media impact with Perks for those who ‘measure up’.

The latest offering is actually pretty interesting. The Klout blog explains

Today we’re announcing a partnership with American Airlines that gives Klout users access to nearly 40 worldwide lounge locations including San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, London and many more. Starting today, if you have a Klout Score of 55 or higher, you can gain access to the Admirals Club by going to You do not have to be an American Airlines passenger to be eligible for this Perk.(emphasis added)

OK, you are American Airlines and you have just rebranded your company with some nifty new paint jobs on the planes. What better way to help spread the word than to open your doors to the ‘Look at where I am now!” crowd at an airport regardless of what airline they are flying. Gotta say, that’s pretty smart.

Say what you want about the validity of a Klout score but this kind of perk (along with the many others they offer including Sony, Disney etc) makes the score mean something. I have to admit that I fell just short of the cutoff but had not given Klout access to some of my social profiles ….. until today.

So I got marketed to and I acted on it. I have to give credit to any company that makes this cynic move. Kudos, Klout.