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instagram tag 1Tags are the internet equivalent of the Rubbermaid silverware caddy. They were both created to help keep like items together and neatly organized. You can tag blog posts and YouTube videos. Add a “hash” and you’re good to go on Twitter. Facebook took tagging to the next level when they created a tool to tag multiple people in a single photo and now they’ve added that same tool to Instagram.

But wait! There’s more! Starting today, Instagram users will find a whole new section in the app called “Photos of You.” That’s right, a whole gallery of photos devoted to you, you, you. Which is funny seeing as how I just wrote a post about how on social media people prefer “informers” over “meformers.” Guess that doesn’t apply to photo sharing.

For now, this whole tagging system will remain private so everyone can “get used to” the new feature. Then, on May 16th, it’ll go public. If, for some reason, you don’t want people tagging you, you have until then to change your privacy settings. After that, you can delete tags on a case-by-case basis.

And is anyone else amused by the fact that the sample tagging photo is of a person who clearly wants to hide their identity. Instagram photo of Batman: Tag Bruce Wayne.

instagram tag 2The good news for brands is that you can now collect photos from your customers without doing a thing — provided they’re motivated to tag your photo in the first place. In the introduction video, a man tags a photo of a stack of pizzas from his favorite restaurant.

The restaurant would then get a notification that they’ve been tagged and the photo would show up on their “Photos of You” page. From there, they could share the photo with more customers or use that customer’s obvious interest as a promotional opportunity. Why not offer the man a $5 off coupon as thanks for being a loyal customer?

Zuckerberg recently stated that he had no plans to put ads on Instagram, so this is the only chance you’re going to get at promoting your brand on the app.

Now, here’s Instagram to tell you more about it.