SNL Gives Google a Kick in the Glass With Parody

The folks at Saturday Night live have jumped onto the “let’s give Google Glass users a VERY hard time” bandwagon.

Here is their skit that makes the Google Glass owner quite interesting to say the least.

Are you a Google Glass owner? Does this give your new worldview its proper due? Whether you own a pair or not what is your take on this new form of ‘computing’ or whatever it is?

The Beal Deal with Janet Driscoll Miller (@janetdmiller)

What is up with this weather?

The midwest is getting snow and here in Raleigh, NC, I had to turn the heating back on! Come on Spring, get with the routine, or you’re fired!

Janet Driscoll MillerNow I’ve got that off my chest, let’s turn to this week’s Beal Deal interview. You’re probably sick of me gushing about each guest, but I really am fortunate that they are all great people, and great friends. Janet Driscoll Miller, CEO of Search Mojo, is no exception!

I’ve known Janet for many years and I even sit on her advisory board–and her company is also a valuable Trackur partner! Janet is laser focused on building her business, but not at the expense of having a fun time. She’ll teach you something important one minute, then have you cracking up the next.

New Instagram Tagging Could Mean a Boost for Brands

instagram tag 1Tags are the internet equivalent of the Rubbermaid silverware caddy. They were both created to help keep like items together and neatly organized. You can tag blog posts and YouTube videos. Add a “hash” and you’re good to go on Twitter. Facebook took tagging to the next level when they created a tool to tag multiple people in a single photo and now they’ve added that same tool to Instagram.

But wait! There’s more! Starting today, Instagram users will find a whole new section in the app called “Photos of You.” That’s right, a whole gallery of photos devoted to you, you, you. Which is funny seeing as how I just wrote a post about how on social media people prefer “informers” over “meformers.” Guess that doesn’t apply to photo sharing.

University Study Shows Happy News Leads to More Twitter Followers

good_news_1Good news, everyone! If you Tweet good news, you’re more likely to attract new followers.

That’s the main takeaway from a new study out of Georgia Tech. (Thanks to the Daily Mail for the tip.)

Researchers Hutto, Yardi and Gilbert (which would be a great name for a band. . . or a law firm), followed 507 Twitter users who generated half a million Tweets over a 15 month period. They assigned attributes to the Tweets such as positive or negative and personal or news, factored in percentage of re-Tweets then looked at the follower growth on each account.  What they ended up with was a statistical predictor for follower gain.

Right off the bat, the researchers found that six out of the eight variables they tested had some kind of effect on follower growth.

Let Marketing Pilgrim Help Your May Job Search Effort!

may calendarTurning the calendar page and starting a new job search in May? Don’t forget to check into the Marketing Pilgrim Internet Marketing Job Board. If you are looking for a new job then find the full listings here.

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Have you seen the new listings this week (as of May 3, 2013)? Here is a sampling:

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LinkedIn Gets a “Nice Job But Not Good Enough” From Investors

LinkedIn-Logo-02More often than not I am baffled by how Wall Street works.

First, in case you haven’t noticed, the markets are at all time high at the exact same time the economic uncertainty for the ‘little people’ is staying at very high levels. The president of the US claims to be for the ‘little guy’ but coddles Wall Street and celebrates their success which means the rich get richer (which I am fine with by the way) but the rest of the world gets, well, hosed. Makes no logical sense but maybe emotionally driven buying and selling shouldn’t make sense. You make the call.

The Case for Variety in Your Social Media Diet

sm balanceDo you get enough variety in your diet? No, I’m not asking about fruits and vegetables — though it is a good idea to mix those in, especially since Summer is right around the corner! Actually, I’m referring to variety in your company’s social media diet. Just like the right balance of foods is important for a healthy body, a good mix of social media networks in your social media strategy is critical to a healthy online presence.

Overloaded on Twitter and Facebook?

Let me paint a potential scenario: a company wants to get started with social media. Since Facebook and Twitter are the big names in the game, they decide to put all their efforts into building out a strong presence on those channels. They are engaged in conversations, are able to distribute blog posts and company news/perspective and are even generating some sales through those channels. All is well, right? Maybe, maybe not.