In Case You Missed It, Poor Social Media Judgment Can Cost Jobs

This is one of those subjects that will be written about for a long time even though it feels like this should be common sense at this point but “Hey!” (as Uncle Si would say). So here is the latest study from On Device Research shows that those between the ages of 16-34 are not NOT getting the message and, more surprisingly, they may not even care.

cnet reports

Ten percent of young people said they knew they were rejected from a job because of their social media profiles, yet 66 percent of young people still don’t seem to care that these profiles may affect their career prospects. The majority of young people cater their social media presence to friends rather than potential employers, according to On Device Research.

The following chart gives some more insight on an international level. The good news for folks in the US is that fewer people seem to think they have been hurt in their job search due to social media activities.

Job Rejection from Social Media

Social Sharing Beats Search Engines for Mobile Video Discovery

youtube appMobile is hot. Video is booming. TV Everywhere is the new network motto. And yet, only 1/3 of device owners are watching video on mobile. It’s hard to imagine, but a new study by Harris Interactive on behalf of Telly says it’s true.


Those who are watching tend to be young. Folks 18-44 are three times more likely to be watching video on mobile than those over 45. And men are 10% more likely than women.

Just for fun, people in the south are more likely to watch videos on their mobile device than those from other parts of the country.


Phony No More, Facebook Now Verifies Official Pages and Profiles

How many times have you been communicating with a celebrity on Facebook, only to find out that the person behind the page is a phony? Aggravating, isn’t it? Well, those days are. . . almost. . . over. Facebook is now verifying the validity of celebrity profiles and high-profile pages.

verified pages

See the blue check-mark. That means that this page belongs to the one and only Selena Gomez. Well, I’m sure there are more girls names Selena Gomez in the world, but this is the famous one.

Back in 2011, Google+ tried something like this where they asked people to send copies of their driver’s licenses to prove their identity. There was some celebrity privacy backlash and I don’t know what become of that program. Didn’t Facebook try this route as well? Remember that push to verify that you were who you said you were, celebrity or not?

New Gmail for Web, Android and iOS Hopes to End Inbox Woes

Over the next few weeks a new look for Gmail will be rolling out. This video comes from The Official Gmail Blog.

Any thoughts? Will it make your life easier?

SEOmoz Rebrands to Moz. Does This Mean SEO is Dead?

Moz LogoHa! Gotcha with the title.

You thought this would be a ridiculous rant about the end of SEO because SEOmoz has now rebranded to Moz so, in essence, SEO must be dead because Rand Fishkin and company dropped it from their moniker. Sorry to disappoint :-).

This IS a story, however, of the changing face of the online marketing space. Rand and company have realized this and also come to the conclusion that by aligning so closely to the term SEO they were both overselling their concentration in that discipline as well as pigeon-holing the company into only one part of the overall online marketing world.

In his post about the move Fishkin, whom I am now going to refer to as The Wonderful Wizard of Moz, tells us

How We Spend Our Time on Our Smartphones

We get it already. A lot of people have smartphones. Congratulations.

It’s best now to learn how people are using these phones because as marketers we can’t do much without the understanding of exactly where people are and, more importantly, why they are there.

Experian Marketing Services takes a look at smartphone use in a recent study. Here are a few findings.


It’s almost a little surprising that the ability to talk is still the main reason to have a phone! Texting comes in a close second. What would be interesting to see is how these ratios change in various age groups. I would offer that my teenager stomps on that 58 minute mark and leaves it in the dust on a daily basis.

What Do Women Want? A New Survey Claims to Know the Answer

ginger surveyWhen asked what it is they want out of life, women say they want it all. They want a career and family, they want technology but also time to disconnect. They want quality goods but don’t want to pay more to get them. They want to have fun but they also want financial stability.

Women want it all. . . but since most of us can’t have it that way, we’ve learned to fight one or two battles at a time.

According to Ginger Consulting’s fifth annual “What Women Want” survey, women are responsible for or influence $7 trillion in purchases in the US. They’re responsible for 85% of products and services, 60% of automobile purchases and even 40% of stock purchases.  To put it simply, these are people you want on your side.