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mobile mixHouston, we have a new Mobile Mix. It’s Millennial Media’s Q1 2013 Mobile Mix Report to be exact and once again they make me smile with their clever cover.

In space, no one can hear you tapping but down here on Earth, it’s a joyous sound.

  • Ad impressions on the iPhone are up 28% over last quarter.
  • Ad impressions from Samsung devices rose 19%

And here’s a really amazing stat

Amazon broke into the list of the top 10 manufacturers and saw impressions increase 125% from the previous quarter.

 Q1: Rise of the Androids

lost in spaceIn keeping with our spacy theme, Androids are slowly taking over households across the planet. Android tablet impressions grew 96% year-over-year. That means they’re responsible for almost half of all tablet impressions. The Samsung Galaxy is tops in Android tablets but the Kindle Fire (darn, can’t make a spacy connection with that name) is coming on strong with 28% of Android tablet impressions.

Here’s the dirty little secret people don’t want you to know. . . 25% of iPad owners have an Android phone. I’m telling you, if Apple isn’t careful, it’s going to get crushed by Android’s massive footprint. (“We’ll cross one billion Android devices in six to nine months. In a year or two, we’ll hit two billion.)

Putting things in perspective:

mm q1 3013 retrospective

Applied Interests

The reason the Androids have been able to advance their take-over plan is because we’re all too busy with frivolous things like Games. Music and Entertainment was the second most popular category. Inside that circle, radio and music apps accounted for 51% of impressions followed by Humor apps which ate up 38% of the pie. (Laugh now, humans!)

Mobile Social Media dropped down to the fourth slot giving Communication a chance to jump up to third.

Love conquered all when Dating and Sports traded places on the top ten impressions chart. News came in sixth, Weather in came in tenth.

The Game Plan

The big takeaway here is that non-phone devices are slowly creeping into smartphone territory. A year ago it was 75% smartphone, 20% non. This year, it’s 70% smartphone and 25% non. Tablets are smaller and lighter, so they’re just as easy to carry around in a purse as a smartphone so expect that ratio to change again by next year.

Also – the Androids. They’re here and they’re taking over. If you’re an iOS follower, it’s tough to hear. I know. I’m right there with you. But if we don’t face the truth we’ll be using our iPhones as coasters in another ten years.

See it all laid out in black and white . . and blue, green and orange when you download the free Q1 Mobile Mix Report.

“I’ll be back.”

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