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Moz LogoHa! Gotcha with the title.

You thought this would be a ridiculous rant about the end of SEO because SEOmoz has now rebranded to Moz so, in essence, SEO must be dead because Rand Fishkin and company dropped it from their moniker. Sorry to disappoint :-).

This IS a story, however, of the changing face of the online marketing space. Rand and company have realized this and also come to the conclusion that by aligning so closely to the term SEO they were both overselling their concentration in that discipline as well as pigeon-holing the company into only one part of the overall online marketing world.

In his post about the move Fishkin, whom I am now going to refer to as The Wonderful Wizard of Moz, tells us

For the last two years, the 130+ Mozzers across product, engineering, marketing, and operations have been working to transform this company to the next stage of our evolution. Today, that incredibly demanding, intense, but ultimately rewarding process has reached its first goal. I’m excited to announce that as of today, SEOmoz is formally transitioning our brand, our products, our company name, and all of our efforts to Moz.

What?! Why?! How?! I know – there are lots of questions, and I will do my best to answer them all.

And for those of you who are familiar with Rand and his work he is nothing if not transparent so he gives the whole story about this move to Moz.

Here are just two point he makes in the post which is followed by a lot of detail and explanation. It’s very interesting reading.

Calling ourselves “SEO”moz is no longer transparent and authentic. With products like Fresh Web Explorer, FollowerWonk, GetListed, and the beta of Moz Analytics (alongside the vast array of non-SEO content we publish), we’re no longer purely an SEO software company. Pretending otherwise is disingenuous, and that violates our core values.

SEO is bigger than just SEO – as hard as I’ve fought personally and we’ve fought as an organization over the last decade to make marketers and organizations think more holistically about organic search, the branding of the past remains. SEO is seen as a narrow set of activities that move rankings up and bring search visitors in. To truly help with SEO, we have to do more than just place keywords, make sites accessible, and build links, but first we need the influence to make these changes. A broader marketer is often granted that influence, while pure SEOs still, unfairly, must strive for it.

It’s a good thing for the industry to move away from silos of activities that impact and influence many other areas of the marketing mix (as well as a business overall) but never seem to get the chance to truly do so. Being in online marketing now requires a working knowledge of (and the practical application across) all channels in the online space.

Congratulations to the folks over at Moz. They have certainly earned the right to lead the way toward a more unified and holistic attitude regarding online marketing.

  • Thanks Frank – I really appreciate your perspective (and the fun title, too) 🙂

    • FrankReed

      Rand, We appreciate your work and especially your transparent approach to business. Best wishes on the new look and we’re excited to see what the future holds for you and your crew.

  • When they stopped doing “SEO” all together as a company and moved into more tools/software this had to eventually happen.

  • I love Moz, just as much as any other SEO. However, one company’s rebranding does not remove the need to optimize content for search engines. There are also core SEO best practices that still need to take place on a website to have it properly found and indexed by the search engines. Clean code, white-hat SEO tactics and market funneling will always be necessary. Therefore, SEO will not be going away any time soon.

    SEO is far from dead… it’s just changed. Now it’s about human first, then robots. This is the way it should have been from the start.

  • Amanda McDowell

    Love the new Wonderful Wizard of Moz title! I am excited to see what the new Moz has to offer!

  • Reid Bandremer

    SEO is dead!? Must climb rooftop and shout it to all my friends. Oh wait, Moz outgrew the single marketing channel software niche. Need new excuse to climb to roof.

  • Robert Elwell

    @seomoz We’re changing our name to Moz to avoid confusing customers. Oh, by the way, @doz you’re now confusing our customers.”

  • John

    Ill tell you one thing, SEO is changing so much it is hardly SEO any more! We cover this in a recent post! That is probably why SEO Moz changed to Moz. Good move. That is why we are ignite visibility and not igniteseo or something like that.

  • Marketing Expert

    I don’t think this was a good move, especially looking at the trademark issue opposing now with
    I used to love SEOmoz, I don’t know how I feel about MOZ now 🙁

  • Spencer

    I think the name reflects that SEO has changed from being to just a technical discipline to one that encompasses not only technical but also content marketing. The fact that Moz has also been incorporating new tools also suggests why the name has changed.

    Small Business Consultant

  • It makes good sense, not purely SEO company anymore, besides these bringing a lot more featuring functions in the row.