Posted May 6, 2013 8:01 am by with 2 comments

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The folks at Saturday Night live have jumped onto the “let’s give Google Glass users a VERY hard time” bandwagon.

Here is their skit that makes the Google Glass owner quite interesting to say the least.

Are you a Google Glass owner? Does this give your new worldview its proper due? Whether you own a pair or not what is your take on this new form of ‘computing’ or whatever it is?

  • I thought this skit was brilliant but then I’m 90% behind everything they do on Weekend Update (not so much for the rest of the show.) I’ve never seen anyone using Google Glass but everything I’ve read leads me to believe that this depiction isn’t too far off. I’m confused enough when I think someone in the grocery store is talking to me, only to find their on a Bluetooth headset – with Google Glass, everyone in the store is going to be walking around talking to himself.

  • Ashley

    When I first saw the commercial for Google Glass I thought it was smart. The Google glass basically functions like a smartphone and I think it is easily accessible and more convenient. Also, the commercial shows the various ways you can use the Glass. So far, I think Google did a great job creating awareness for its new product.