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youtube appMobile is hot. Video is booming. TV Everywhere is the new network motto. And yet, only 1/3 of device owners are watching video on mobile. It’s hard to imagine, but a new study by Harris Interactive on behalf of Telly says it’s true.


Those who are watching tend to be young. Folks 18-44 are three times more likely to be watching video on mobile than those over 45. And men are 10% more likely than women.

Just for fun, people in the south are more likely to watch videos on their mobile device than those from other parts of the country.


64% are using a mobile app to view videos. That’s not surprising since many videos won’t play on a tablet without a helper app. I use YouTube for iOS (which I’m not terribly fond of), a Netflix app and network specific apps to catch up on my favorite TV shows.


The majority (65%) of mobile video watchers find videos by searching the video app, for example YouTube or Vemo.

45% of mobile users said they watch videos that were shared by their friends and family through a social app. Almost half! There’s the importance of making videos easy to share right there.

41% use a search engine to find videos. That’s where good keyword tagging and titles come in to play.

36% watch videos they received via email. That number is higher than I expected. Especially when it’s on mobile.

(Here’s the one that really blows my mind) 29% watch videos that were sent to them via a text message. Really? Who texts a video?

Why Not?

telly why not

While all of these thoughts are interesting, there’s really no getting around them because they’re all legitimate reasons not to watch video on your mobile device. About the only thing you, the content maker, can change are the people who aren’t interested. If you put something really helpful into their hands, they might change their tune.

I avoided video for a long time partially because of screen size and partially because of streaming costs. But now that I have an iPad with WiFi, I can’t get enough. I routinely watch at least a few videos every day on mobile but my Millennial son watches hundreds of videos on his phone. After dinner, he might cycle through a half dozen, showing me bits and pieces of what caught his eye that day.

There’s no doubt that mobile video impacts the younger generation. If this is the audience you’re trying to reach, you know what you have to do. Get that video camera out and get to work. It doesn’t have to be brilliant but it has to be out there if you want people to see it and share it. Lights, camera, action — you’re on.