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Square is a revolution in the way that merchants of all sizes (but especially the smaller ones) take payments for their products and services. Even in the little town I live in I can count several ‘main street’ merchants using the Square system to make their payment processing direct and easy. You pay on what you process and there are no extra hoops to jump through etc etc.

The one trouble has been that the process can be a little less than quick for any variety of reasons. It can be somewhat clumsy depending on the user. There’s is nothing worse than the panicked high school kid at the register having trouble processing a payment and looking at an impatient line of customers. I feel sympathy for them (in most cases) but there are many others that feel scorn and impatience. Don’t misconstrue this. It doesn’t happen much with Square but it can just like any other payment processing system.

So what has Square come up with for an improvement? Ta-da! The Square Stand.

Square Stand

Slate tells us more.

This morning Square announced a new product that took me by surprise: the Square Stand, an iPad holder and credit card reader that’s meant to function as a point-of-sale system for high-volume small businesses like restaurants and cafes. The Square Stand costs $299, which is far more expensive than zero, which is what Square charges for the tiny credit card reader that made it famous.

What does payment systems have to do with marketing? Just as much as anything else. Marketing entails the ‘entire’ customer experience. You can do all the marketing in the world to get someone to the store but if checking out is a dreadful experience you can undermine all that great work.

This Square Stand looks cool and apparently works better. People like to associate with other folks and anything else that they think is ‘cool’ or is a reflection of their good taste. When a small merchant looks the part; they are efficient and quick and they have a certain look which the Square Stand can offer, it helps the business.

As a merchant, Square is great on the back end of the business and the overall business process. That’s great but it also helps with image and branding. If that’s not marketing, I don’t know what is.