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Vine made a big splash back in January with the introduction of the six-second video loop. In just a few months, the app has wormed its way into the hearts of Twitter followers everywhere and now users share an average of 5 Vine tweets per second!

What’s neat about Vine is that the one-touch record mechanism allows you to easily edit together a succession of single frames flipbook style. That means you can make inanimate objects dance and play with very little effort. (Here’s my Pirates at Play video)

Of course, you can also use Vine to post six seconds of anyone doing anything. The most retweeted Vine video to date shows Harry Styles and the One Direction crew (that’s a boy band) getting their hair done prior to going on stage.  This riveting clip was shared more than 47,000 times.

According to a new report by Unruly, almost all of the top 20 most retweet vine videos were posted by or involved celebrities. Two were related to the Boston Marathon bombing. I would say this is proof that Vine has a place in the news world, but one of the two clips is a snide poke at a misguided FBI agent. Considering the situation, I wouldn’t be too quick to poke fun at anyone who put their life on the line that week.

Vine for Business

If you’re not a celebrity, you can still make a splash with vine. Unruly’s study shows that branded Vines are 4 times more likely to be shared than branded video. Branded vines also account for 4% of the Top 100 Vines.

In order to make the most of your time in the sun, Unruly says you should post on the weekends. Vine videos that appear on Saturday or Sunday are more popular than all the video posted M-F combined. Surprisingly, 10-11 am EDT is prime Vine time. I would have guessed later in the evening.

Unruly’s best advice for creating a top Vine video?

“Remember the fundamentals of why people share videos, short or long. First, they need to elicit an emotional reaction from their audience, and secondly they need to give their consumers a reason to share.”

Need some inspiration? This French Connection branded video was tweeted almost 1,500 times and comes in 95 on the Top 100 List.

Cute. Time to make Vine work for you.

  • Ashley

    I agree, Vine is slowly becoming a very popular social networking site. I first noticed Vine on itunes top free apps. I think it’s interesting and cool that a short video can turn into something fun to watch. In addition, I see many users using vine to make smart and clever short videos. It’s a great social networking site!