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twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteTwitter is deepening its love affair with TV through new Amplify partnerships.

On the Twitter blog the company toots its own horn but its not like they are saying anything out of line, it’s just the truth.

Less than six months in, 2013 has already been a remarkable year for the nexus between television and Twitter. The vast majority of the online public conversation around TV currently happens on Twitter – 95 percent, according to Crimson Hexagon. Half of all national Super Bowl commercials had hashtags on them, helping guide viewers to the collective conversation. And you can’t turn on the news without hearing a Tweet referenced.

It is getting more and more difficult actually to not see Twitter referenced just about everywhere. Well, don’t expect that pace to slow any in the wake of an increasing number of agreements with properties and advertisers to create a more multi-screen environment for users. The blog post continues

On the ads side, Twitter has further amplified the social TV conversation with real-time, dual-screen sponsorships and in-Tweet video clips from broadcasters. ESPN and Ford Fusion led the way, bringing football fans Instant Replays in Tweets during every college football bowl game. During March Madness, Turner Sports, the NCAA, AT&T and Coke Zero followed suit, offering fans Real-Time Highlights of hoops action throughout the tournament. And now, during the home stretch through the 2013 Finals, the NBA is pushing the best Rapid Replays from TV, through a Tweet, to your mobile phone thanks to Sony Pictures, Sprint and Taco Bell.

An example of the NBA Playoffs and the use of this multi-screen approach is seen below.

So how far might this reach? Take a look at the list of recent additions. Oh by the way, the cool kids are apparently calling this “Twitter Amp”.

Today we’re announcing yet another wave of multi-screen partners, from television and beyond. Along with these new partners, we now have a name for this partnership program: Twitter Amplify.

Bloomberg TV (@BloombergTV)
Clear Channel (@ClearChannel)
Conde Nast (@CondeNastCorp)
Discovery (@Discovery)
Major League Baseball (@mlbdotcom)
National Cinemedia (@NCMonline)
New York Magazine (@NYMag)
PMC (@Variety)
Time Inc. (@Time_Inc)
Warner Music (@warnermusic)

Screens, screens and more screens. This is a good thing, right? Well, let’s not leave you without having a video from another Twitter blog post to help clarify things (which this one does actually).

Twitter Amplify may just make social media even louder than it is already. Are you ready?

  • I got stuck on the shot of the seventies pinkish TV on the stand in the video. I want that. As for making social media louder. . . I love Twitter and I love TV but I’m already at the saturation point.