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Who-am-ILast night, I logged in to my YouTube account and was faced with a choice; do I still want to be me or do I want to change my name to match one of my Google+ pages. Good question. I was already having an online identity crisis before I saw this fork in the road and it truly, truly stumped me.

I wish I had taken a screengrab of the initial prompt. I thought I could recreate it this morning by changing my mind, but now YouTube isn’t offering me a chance to go back!

Prior to yesterday, my YouTube channel was called TV_Cyn. It was hooked to my gmail address and contained mostly TV related videos because that’s my thing. In addition to my own Google+ page, I have a page for my TV site TV of the Absurd.

When YouTube tried to force my hand last night, it gave me the option of staying with TV_Cyn, or connecting my YouTube account to one of my three Google+ pages. Since my YT is all about TV and my blog is all about TV I figured why not connect the TV Google+ page to the YT account. You still with me?

Once I clicked to link everything, I was immediately sorry. My YouTube dashboard turned into this:

youtube google mashup

Really? Do I really need to manage my entire Google life from the top corner of YouTube? As I clicked through, YouTube told me I could add additional managers. I thought this meant I could have several people as admins on my YouTube page. Very helpful for the business pages I run. . . but no. Clicking that took me to Google+ where I was asked to add people to my page over there. What?!?

Along with the overblown list of options, I now have that annoying Google notification box at the top of my screen when I visit YouTube.

It gets more insidious if you don’t currently have a Google+ page. Choose the right option and YouTube creates one for you in an instant and loads it with your videos. Now that’s how you boost your user numbers!

I get where Google is going with this. The idea of one log-in across a dozen different services is a good thing. I also appreciate the promotional push that I got when I connected the accounts. But from a day-to-day, practical standpoint, it’s too much.

I told YouTube I wanted to switch back and I got this:


Might just be me, but the image of those scissors cutting the connecting cord is heavy symbolism. It’s like they’re trying to impress upon me the gravity of what I’m about to do. I’m severing our connection. I’m saying goodbye to Google+ once and for all and don’t even think about looking back because once it’s done, it’s done. Make the wrong choice and that’s it. You’re finished.

Think I’m being overly dramatic? I tried to change back to the TV of the Absurd name and the option is gone. I had my one shot.

When I clicked to cut the cord, YouTube asked me why. One of the choices was that it’s too complicated. That’s the one I picked.

Have you been forced to take the YouTube identity challenge? Was it good for you?


  • OccasionalSnark

    Yes – I got the prompt a little while ago. I opted not to link them, and I hope that’s a permanent option rather than “I’d prefer not to try the new compose experience FOR NOW….” and then 6 months, guess what’s the new default.

    My reason being, my G+ is focused on being profesh & polished & Google Authorship-enabled & networky. I don’t really want my network to know HOW MANY hair tutorials & Beyoncé videos & anime & etc etc videos are things I’ve watched or favorited, and I’m not a troll but I love to leave candid comments without putting my mug next to my comment. Not saying that it is happening, but I’d expect G+ or Google search to be able to “Show YouTube Comments by User” and well… I’ve had my YT account since high school and I haven’t always been as polished. Am I being too paranoid?

  • Marc

    So let me get this straight. You got the option to link or NOT to link, and you CHOSE to link, and now you complaining you were forced? Way to take responsibility for your actions.

    • Sugar Rave

      It’d be fine if it were easy to reverse the changes. Some people are upgrading to G+ and finding it difficult to downgrade even by the instructions offered by google themselves! I’d thought that my own profile had been successfully downgraded (and the instructions are pretty simple, not easy to screw up) but apparently it hasn’t been, and now I’m basically at their mercy.

  • How is choosing an option being forced?

    • trlkly

      Because they flat out say they’ll keep nagging at you until you do it. It says they’ll ask again later when you decline. The whole point is to keep needling us until we just throw our hands up in frustration and connect with Google+.

      Not only that, but they lie about it. They don’t tell you its a Google+ thing until you select it. They claim it’s to change your name or “upgrade” your account. It’s neither of these things. It’s a backdoor to try and force you to use their social networking service (or to link your accounts if you already use it.)

      By this behavior, they have guaranteed that I will never join Google+. Assholes don’t get what they want. And, anyways, the fact that they are having to be so sneaky about it and keep asking even though we’ve already told them no indicates that there’s something nefarious about it. If it were just a useful feature, there would be no reason to lie.

    • Cutie8767

      Because now you haveto choose the option or you cannot comment at all on videos.

  • I went through that a couple of weeks ago. It’s a real pain in the Rumplestiltskin.

  • spacemonkey82

    google is integrating their services to create better user experience. lets crucify them and tell them how to run their company!!!!

    • wredniak

      poor lil monkey.. google is intergrating services to get more data on you…

    • fedupofgoogle

      A “better user experience” by whose definition? Not mine. I didn’t want my public google ‘plus’ page combined with my inane chuntering on YouTube but I ended up not even having the choice to decline any more. So they then got integrated against my will. I’ve since had to downgrade my whole google ‘plus’ account (I don’t want it and never did) and have now lost my entire YouTube history of comments and favourite videos. Gee thanks Google! What with that the new ‘compose’ in Gmail you’re making me REALLY look into alternatives…! DuckDuckGo FTW (for starters!)

  • Mister Chuffy

    I had one personal account for watching stuff and keeping a list of favourites videos &c, and a second account for my musician identity. I’d already decided a while ago that I didn’t want Google+ because when I had it briefly, every time I went on to Gmail, people claiming to be Russian women wanting to be my ‘friend’ kept trying to message me and I couldn’t work out how to switch the message thing off. It’s probably straightforward really, but it’s just more hassle searching for instructions, and I’ve never been into messaging much.

    A while later, I got the ‘Do you want to upgrade to Google+?’ routine when I was logged into my music account, and I firmly said NO – but it had more ramifications than were obviously stated, because I no longer have a YouTube music account at all, and all my links lead to nothing. I am not impressed. One great thing about the internet, as Cynthia Boris says, is that you can be different people in different places, as appropriate; but this isn’t what Google+ wants.

    So, Mr Briss: the answer is that choosing an option is only choosing an option if a) the consequences are made plain, b) you end up with what you want (supposing it to be one of the options, of course), and c) the instructions are simple to enact.

    In brief, I wanted what I had. I now don’t have it, because I chose not to have what I didn’t want.

  • fdfdfdff

    This JUST happened to ME, I’M FURIOUS! When it popped up I thought it was to change my YOUTUBE name, and so I added a ‘THE’ to the beginning and lo and behold it was an option to give me A) a google+ account, which I had already been tricked into getting a while back, then deleted it, and B) a WHOLE NEW YOUTUBE ACCOUNT, deleting my OLD, TRUSTED, LOVED one. Ahhhh, I hate that since google acquired Youtube that they FORCE you, time and again with tricky wording into getting a google+ account. I am not a social media person and don’t want to have to be one to watch and favorite videos. And the process to “unlink” youtube is just a way to disuade you from unlinking at all. What a clusterbomb, I’m LIVID

    • PurrGrrl

      Yes, thank you. And youtube has a monopoly over what it does. Other video sites like vimeo and aren’t as widely viewed and don’t allow unoriginal content. We used to have laws against monopoly in this country too…

    • Jay

      download your videos via ‘KEEPVID’ url copy-paste all youtube url links to KEEPVID, download your content and move to another site. this is all to much. utterly vile, atrocious corporate bullying. YOUTUBE IS DEAD.

      • Khary Tomlinson

        what idon’t understand is the problem so what if they force you to have a google pus account they cant force you to use it they cant get you to use there google plus service if you don’t want to, i see no problem you might not like it but there’s no real reason to pack up and move

        • Jay

          with all due respect you don’t seem to understand the implications. this is about making it harder for people to exchange information and ideas, anonymously especially, it also forces your entire gmail contacts list into a forced social networking account that google makes even more money off by having your data. they sell this data. they sell you. these are voluntary spying tools. i don’t mean to be unkind but if you’re an avid 14-16 yr old girl who loves facebook (?) you likely will not understand. then again your age is irrelevant. i strongly recommend you search youtube for a video called ‘TPP Calls Google’ – good luck xx

          • Khary Tomlinson

            i understand what you are saying i guess maybe its cause i don’t really care much about my privacy so i think of that last, the good i see is less trolling and that’s a win for me

          • Jay

            thats absolutely your choice of course, and (unfortunately in my opinion) it’s a shame that is the majority attitude and this is why they get away with it. i presume you’re familiar with the established fact that some unknown group of people above world leaders and all known governments have spent hundreds of billions of pounds setting up actual spy cities that record monitor and filter all your communications, activity and more. and google forcing google+ into youtube is just an extension of this.

            the reason people don’t care is because they are too lazy and/or uninformed of the bigger picture and its ramifications. how anyone can be told all this and still just share their lives all over the web while knowing they are being spied on i find horrific and unbelievable.


          • Khary Tomlinson

            that’s the thing i have always thought people are spying on me so i never shared things i care for or about on the internet hence why it doesn’t bother me, there is no security or privacy when it comes to the internet in my opinion, if your information is there it can get stolen so don’t put it there.

          • Jay

            your awareness and sensible approach/mindset is a minority. 90%+ of the public do not understand or care about what you have just stated.

            i’m not only closing my youtube account but also my gmail, also uninstalling the chrome browser and even getting rid of the phone i have because its android and android is owned by google.

            forcing people to use a social networking site for youtube is a complete joke.

            apparently next week you’re not allowed to take a sheet without being logged into your google+ accunt. no thanks. i’m out.

            every member of my family and all my friends are aware of all this and also wont be excepting gmail email or using any google services. G screwed the pooch big time. byeeee!

          • tom

            can I have your email logins then ?

          • Khary Tomlinson

            that has nothing to do with the topic

          • Jay

            Google+ has actually (somehow) imported people’s PERSONAL EMAILS from NON-GMAIL accounts into force-automatic created google+ accounts.

            You really think thats ‘ok’??? Jesus wept . .

          • Jay

            yes really. what is this story-hour? mickey mouse’s bedtime reading club? YES REALLY.

          • bettaboy

            Khary T – you should – MHO. When your phone calls (big blue – the original computer used by government to track calls) emails, web browsing and other activity is monitored by people who may not have your best interest at heart – then at some point it can (if not already) cause you great harm. A young lady I know use to post on facebook. She (and many others, including dentists) quit working for a dentist that caused many great harm (dad’s wealthy nothing done and in a state where the phone at the health department states to “leave a message” ie nothing done).

            She was offered another position but did not give references to the horrific dentist (I found out he had not been licensed for up to six months and Dental Boards just like Medical boards protect their members not the public btw).

            Long story short they found her on face book and he made sure she would never work in this state again.

            There is no freedom in America anymore. Try to use your own intent for your medical care in a “non medical freedom” state. You will have no choice. And the sad list goes on.

  • Pedro Corvino

    It’s forcing because if you don’t integrate you can’t make comments on YouTube and can’t use its full functionality.

    • PurrGrrl

      Yes, and also youtube is the only online video site that does what it does. I make lots of videos and have posted on alt sites like vimeo but my videos don’t get seen that way. Youtube has the biggest audience and allows content from TV or films to be posted while other sites usually don’t. I’ve actually tried boycotting youtube, so I know what I’m talking abt. If anyone knows of a viable alternative, pls let me know ’cause I’ll go there.

  • Guest

    in Switzerland Google came up with this today. i decided to keep my YT identity. but Google decided to create a G+ page for my YT identity too. so i now have two. and if i want to change YT settings, i need to go to the G+ page of my YT identity. so ridiculously. oh, and since then my YT avatar disappeared and i now have the YT page icon. i changed it back correctly, but i have still no avatar. Google told me it may take some time until the changes will take effect. but several hours?

    so, thats it.. Google you really annoy me!

  • Sandro Masselier

    in Switzerland Google came up with this today. i decided to keep my YT identity. but Google decided to create a G+ page for my YT identity too. so i now have two. and if i want to change YT settings, i need to go to the G+ page of my YT identity. so ridiculously. oh, and since then my YT avatar disappeared and i now have the YT page icon. i changed it back correctly, but i have still no avatar. Google told me it may take some time until the changes will take effect. but several hours?

    so, thats it.. Google you really annoy me!!!

    • ジョッサン

      I am having the exact same problem!! It prompts me to either use my g+ page or have a YT equivalent on g+. It’s horrible. I can’t even comment on other peoples channels in the discussion tab anymore. Oh why did youtube have to sell the entire company to google? Google used to be a good company with the options of free features and programs you would otherwise have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for. Now they have become just as corrupt as any other company and just thinks about making more money. I have not a signle ounce of respect at all for google anymore.

  • MaskedHypocrite

    “The idea of one log-in across a dozen different services is a good thing.”

    Nope. Might be a good thing for the lazy who don’t care about privacy at all, and obviously for advertisers (like Google…) but for sane people, it’s a horrible, horrible thing and there is no real reason (other than, as I said, laziness) why anyone should be keeping a consistant ID across multiple Web sites (except in cases like Disqus – but even then I only log in on those relatively infrequent occasions I want to post, then log out before leaving the blog site, and I doubt I’m the only one with that habit…).

    • Sunny

      Here we are,guys! Here it is!
      What others were predicted as an e-net shut-down will not happen! And this is what I knew all the time. I knew that THEY (Big Bro or – call them as you want!) will not perform as a brutal power (though in reality it is!). They are always using ‘civilized’ methods for reaching their goals (like in countless cases of intervention of other countries for instance) and the case of YT is not exception from this rule as well!
      You can give ANY info at the moment of the creating your YT account for the forst time,BUT – you will not pass the registration procedure anyway if you will not state your REAL phone number since they have set the rule of registration confirmation via SMS!
      That simple!
      Or you are giving to us your private data or you will not use the services you are looking for!
      NB. What chances do you have to stand against this terror?

      • john9999

        Dont get so excited. Just delete your google accounts, thats the only correct response to googles arrogance.

        • Speakingplaintalk

          Many of us depend on them for INCOME
          and cannot delete any

          • qwerty

            Find another source of income

          • Speakingplaintalk

            In senior years one does not just go find another source of income

            after trying for ten years due to diminishing pay rates for older people

            in a saturated job seekers demo when jobs do not want to HIRE

            unless you can dismount that very high horse and offer ma a lucrative job canya ?

            After disgust I created a source of income online

            so I am not getting food stamps
            have you that much determination judgmental one?

  • erikaa

    I am going through this right now and somehow in trying to link up my Google+ page to our YouTube account, I’ve managed to delete (YES, DELETE!) our channel. I did the same thing as you did was revert back by unlinking the accounts and everything seemed fine. When I tried to link it up again by logging in from the Google+ page login, I managed to break it.

    This is the LEAST intuitive integration I’ve ever used for Google.

  • SirKetz

    I feel I was tricked into the same thing, by Youtube offering me the option to change my username. When it created the Google+ profile, I immediately wanted to change back, as I do not use social networks. However, whenever I try to switch back to my Youtube profile, all of my favorites and videos are gone! I only have them on the Google+ profile now. Does anyone know how to get those videos back on my original account?

  • Morten79

    Google nearly got me this time. Google most be the most sneaky
    company on the Internet. I don’t what Google+ can’t you fucking
    understand it how many times do I have too say it!!!

    It’s getting
    increasingly more difficult too avoid Google+ especially you all us old
    Users. You are giving two choices either too keep your old user name and
    connect + upgrade too google+ or simply connect and chose a different
    channel name + upgrade too google+.

    The right choice if you don’t
    what your old google account upgraded too google+ is too decline the
    pop-up message and then they’ll ask you later. Now that is what I sneaky

    I repeat if you already have a google account and YOU
    DO NOT what too have you account upgraded too Google+ remember too
    simply decline the message by clicking on the X at the right corner. If
    you chose one of the options you google account will automatically be

  • Morten79

    Google nearly got me this time. Google most be the most sneaky company on the Internet. I don’t what Google+ can’t you fucking understand it how many times do I have too say it!!!

    It’s getting increasingly more and more difficult too avoid Google+ especially for old Users. You are giving two choices either too keep your old user name and connect + upgrade too google+ or simply connect and chose a different channel name + upgrade too google+.

    The right choice if you don’t what your old google account upgraded too google+ is too decline the
    pop-up message and then they’ll ask you later. Now that is what I sneaky businesses.

    I repeat if you already have a google account and YOU DO NOT what too have you account upgraded too Google+ remember too simply decline the message by clicking on the X at the right corner. If
    you chose one of the options your google account will automatically be “Upgraded”.

    • Alezis

      Since TODAY November 7th, you CANNOT post ANY comment on youtube UNLESS you agree to have a google+ account… I am SOOOOOOO frustrated right now…

  • hunger4justice

    Use Yahoo. I am quitting Google.

  • Spruce Cycle

    Fuck Google and their heavy handed bullshit. I’ve learned to live without subscriptions and just visit the few channels I care about thru the search function. Some ppl may find adding Google plus increases engagement but for me it just drove me away.

    I’ll still use Youtube but not as heavily as I did before and not as someone who has signed up for a channel.

  • vktr

    there is no longer any option to disconnect your accounts. once you tie the two together they are inextricable; if you want to delete google+ then you unavoidably delete your youtube information. this is essentially blackmail, a way to shove people into using a failed social media program. way to go youtube, you fucked up.

    • Tooze the Bard

      YouTube fucked up big time. Unfortunately, most people are so apathetic that they’ll continue using Google’s products anyway…

    • Khary Tomlinson

      How has it failed?

      • CountryMouse

        Now you can’t reply to comments on your videos on YouTube if you don’t have it hooked up to a Google+ profile. This totally sucks.

        • Arjn

          What’s the big deal. Just create a bare bones g+ account.

  • Austin D

    This is BS .I don’t want googleplus and im not making another youtube account until this is fixed. Which means ill prob never get a new youtube account.

  • If you don’t know, look it up!

    Actually, what just happened to me is worse. I have never had a Google account of any kind, and I do not want one. I made a YouTube account long ago to give attaboys to some of the videos, and tried to log back into it today using password recovery for my forgotten password. WHAM! To recover or reset my password I have to provide a mobile phone number –which I do not have because what they give me to live on as a disabled veteran doesn’t leave me well enough off to pay that kind of fee– AND a second email address! Who needs the government to do Big Brother on us when Google collects all possible data and requires two emails and a phone number as well? That’s clearly a purposeless invasion of my privacy. So I backed out of trying to recover my password but WHAM! now I see Google has activated a “fake” Google account for me anyone and is automatically signing me in without even informing me! (Go to another site and try to make any comment, go to the google search engine, etc…you find yourself already signed in on that initial NON-GMAIL email address the youtube account was created with!!) Not only can I not sign in to the YouTube account, I can’t delete it OR the “fake” Google account. Google is now collecting my personal data against my will without my even having the option to delete the account or stop that collection in any way. I saw Google start up, and applauded the kids making good, but this is invasion of privacy and discrimination against people like myself. I attempted to call Google, but the comapny only takes calls relating to making money; I attempted to go through the net but Google only provides a Help Center that has no help for anything like this and no option to email in a request for any sort of help or even to just remove either account. I would love to know how to force them to DELETE both the youtube and the fake google account and so remove all connections to my non-gmail email. Can anyone tell me how? BTW…I am beiing informed at this very moment that, though I signed out, I am still posting as that non-gmail email addy!

    • PurrGrrl

      Yes, I set up a 2nd yt to promote my music then mysteriously wasn’t allowed to sign in, tho’ I was using the correct password. When I requested to reset my password, yt asked for my credit card number! I was shocked. They also wanted other personal info on me w/I refused so now a video of me is up on yt and I can’t remove it or change it! I went online and didn’t see anyone else post abt this experience, so now I wonder whether we’re being censored online too by the good ole’ Google search engine… (I use startpage, btw.) All this privacy violating used to be illegal in the US–long b4 the Internet.

    • PurrGrrl

      BTW, someone might have hacked your account. Can u write to Google and just ask them to delete it permanently? They should at least let you delete your site.

  • Skibop!! 마리린

    I’m done with YouTube at this point. I seriously logged out because that screen kept popping up. I do not want a Google+, it’s so damn stupid and makes you have to do extra clicks on youtube to see your inbox, comments, fave vids, etc. A mess

  • Dang!

    Ok, I guess I messed up! I clicked on the popup to join my accounts, but I’ve lost everything on my Youtube account–all my favorites are gone! Is there anyway to get them back?

  • Eric Mendoza II

    I am glad I am not the only one feeling this massively overwhelming frustration over the stupidity that is Google+ integration.

  • PurrGrrl on yt

    Yes! I too am angry abt this. I was forced to upgrade my youtube site when I logged in & now I’m connected to Google Plus. It appeared that if I didn’t upgrade I wdn’t be able to use my acct & it appeared that if I didn’t choose + it wd be complicated. I make a lot of videos & have been uploading them to vimeo or blip instead of yt because of pvcy concerns, but I wanted to put some up on yt as it gets the most viewers. Now my avatar is gone. WTF?

    I’d contemplated using G+ but not as connected to my yt site. Now I may not use it at all ’cause I don’t want it connected to my yt videos. This is a major, major privacy violation. What else is new here in the new USSA? Americans need to get back to our roots–freedom, not just for the very rich but for all of us. Companies like Google guard their privacy & are able to hide their assets yet they think nothing of violating ours.

    Making matters worse, I have an online stalker & these kinds of privacy violations are what enable creeps like that to harass people. And some of us don’t want our employers to see us connected to our yt sites for obvious reasons (they might not like our political opinions, etc.) Problem is, people keep going along with this. We used to be a free country, remember? Please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers. The Privacy Act was passed back in the 60s to protect us from things like this, but thanks to the Patriot Act, it is no longer in force. I’m afraid things are going to get worse.

    Since all they care abt is money, we need to let them know they’ll lose advertising revenue as people get more uncomfortable abt giving out their personal info. Remember, EVERYTHING you post on the Internet is permanent and can be hacked.

  • PurrGrrl on yt

    Just want to add, if I may, that co’s like Google are so arrogant. They don’t seem to realize that it’s we the people that enable them to make $ in the first place. If they piss enough of us off we will stop using them, especially after Edward Snowden’s revelations. America, we need to wake up now!

  • gigi

    I’m furious about it too. My email account used to have my real name and now it’s an absurd username I had come up with long ago for youtube. I’m not happy.

  • gigi

    Thanks to your post I was able to disconnect my youtube and google+ accounts and go back to using my real name on gmail. Yay, and thanks! As an added plus, I was able to delete my google+ profile entirely and be relieved of that annoyance. All you do is go to youtube, at the top right click the down-arrow next to your name/picture and click “Settings”.

  • Ehcmier

    I’ve been extremely unhappy with Google. When they took over YouTube, it’s been a lot of work. I don’t go to YouTube to do chores. I left Facebook when it became a chore, and the timing was bad since not two weeks went by and I was fighting off Google+ and getting run-around. All my customization and personalization were wiped out and now I can’t restore half the stuff without routing through Google+. They’ve made it very difficult to just shut down my accounts since I actually made connections with friends, and have a lot more work to do to save all the treasured discussions and comments and shared info offline. I get nothing from Google+, can’t stand the look of it, can’t stand the invasiveness and all the maintenance they force, and can’t stand the new spam everytime Facebook or Google+ sells my info or leaves gaping holes open to data-mining bots. The ads that interrupt the simplest actions, and take up so much screen space, and the searches for add-ons and third-party software to give me back my time are taking too much connectivity and fun AWAY. One size does not fit all!

  • Sarah

    It’s already asked me to do this more than once. And the way it asks is very confusing, so I accidentally go along with it, then have to revert again. I’ve just had to do it again today, and remove the connection. Why can’t it just learn that I have a Google account and a YouTube account that I would like to keep separate. Same with my Picasa images. I don’t want them to be searchable, I don’t want them to be publicly listed on a profile that people might happen across. I should have the right to maintain the privacy I have set, and not keep having the terms change on me.

  • NateWolf Smith

    YouTube keeps asking me if i want to use my name or my YouTube username, if i choose either option it will get connected to Google+ in some manner and create a Google+ account for me. This has happened to me twice and I’ve had to disconnect the two and delete the new Google+ account manually. It is getting on my nerves. I don’t want Google+ and I certainly don’t want it connected to my YouTube account. I want YouTube to stop asking me.
    When I was asked for feedback I wrote an angry message telling them I want nothing to do with Google+ and to stop trying to connect it to my YouTube account.

  • Cloxxki

    I seem to have lost my old channel now. I can see the video’s, just not control them anymore. Youtube will SHOW my name to logon with, just when I do I am logged OUT. No way in. Oh, I’m so angry!!

  • DarkVeghetta

    NOW it really starts. They just made it so that you can’t comment or see comments on your videos if you don’t have Google+. It was bad before, but this is more then I can let slide. Pitty, I liked YouTube… but this is insulting. As of now, I’ve deleted the Google+ account and will not comment on YouTube any longer. As for Google itself, you just killed any possibility that I’ll ever buy ANY of your products again. Hopefully, this move will cause Google’s shares to plummet; perhaps that will wake them up.

    • DarkVeghetta

      *can’t comment or see COMMENT NOTIFICATIONS on your videos (sorry for the confusion)

  • Alezis

    As of TODAY November 7th 2013, you are FORCED to use a google+ account when you try to post a comment on youtube… Not only that, all comments and messages will be on your google+ account and not on your youtube account… I HATE google+…. man I am frustrated right now…

    • Tooze the Bard

      This is absolute bullshit. ¬_¬

  • Kake

    I’m tired of this crap. Iv’e spent hours awhile back trying to disconnect it and finally figured it out. BUT NOW ITS BACK. I’m not even able to comment. I want things to be quick an easy, and with both youtube and a google plus account linked THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE. Google+ needs to get it together, I’m sure they’ve had plenty of complaints NOW CHANGE IT. Don’t be facebook and change layouts every week. Its ridiculous, just make it simple and easy. Or Google+ you’re going to lose money rather than earn it!!!!!

  • Thomas

    Screw you, Google.

  • Cutie8767

    Now all you can do IS switch to Google. You cant even press on comments anymore. I did make a new Google account so I could have my Youtube name Cutie8767 but still! I hate it! I hate it! And from mobile you can’t even use Google+ commenting! It’s a nightmare! However, I think it’s the rumor that Youtube will close in December might be true. I’m sure everyone wants it to now. And guess what? Maybe they’re trying to back us off by annoying everyone with Google+! How to say hi to friend without it going viral on Youtube?
    I hate this. I’d sue them if I could but I’m pretty sure you cannot sue for that.
    I’m so angry!

    • Tooze the Bard

      I don’t know if it’s intentional but they WILL lose users. I would strongly recommend not giving into Google and getting a Plus account, even if that means not being able to use YouTube any more.

    • Flo

      I hope they don’t close down, some people use youtube to make their living.:c

      However I hate the Google+ integration soo much too! It’s not even the problem of privacy for me anymore (I kept my old youtube username and I use a fake “real” name) but the fact that they forced it upon everyone! And the comment section is worst than ever. Thanks google for making youtube suck.

  • laxi

    Google ruined YouTube.
    Why, Google?

  • DD

    And as of yesterday if you want to comment on YouTube you MUST get a Google+ account. Most folks do not respond well to being bullied. If you’ve ever been stalked by a crazy ex or just an insane troll online you won’t be thrilled with putting your real name in a public forum. For safety sake I refuse to link all my personal info for Google’s fun and profit. This is why I use Bing for my search engine and am looking for an alternative for YT.

    • Tooze the Bard

      This IS bullying. If Google don’t clean up their act then they are going to lose a lot of users…

  • Jhon Litigo

    Ugh.. The only issue I’ve had with this so far is the apparently previously locked up wave of REALLY obnoxious, stupid, cancerous and irritating people apparently waiting behind the gates of google+, google’s knock off facebook (just as bad too!). Not to mention it’s screwed up the comments section, let more of “social media” annoyances in and flooded the comments section with more crap. People using #’s in youtube comments, was much of the youtube community bad enough already? My suggestion or gripe is such: At least add a feature to disable or block those on plus, because instead of script blocking all youtube comments, there’s sometimes very, very rarely things I’d like to see in them that are amusing or valuable to me. If this integration is forced I’d at least like a button to put my OWN wall up against google+.

  • Jay

    Culturally this is a milestone. This is also A BAG OF DICKS.

  • Jay

    It just so happens that this kicks off the day the MI6 et-al heads of the NSA are held for ‘debate’ in UK parliament????

  • StoneE4

    I’m interested in hearing Cynthia Boris’ take on the YouTube / Google+ issue now that it’s been forced on anyone who wants to comment on YouTube.

  • Jay

    I strongly recommend anyone reading this searches youtube for a video called ‘TPP Calls Google’

  • I_warned_ya

    Nice timing, Google. You decide to take a huge steaming dump on the YouTube experience when the privacy-destroying NSA is all over the news. At least you could be men about it and admit what you’re doing, but no, you have such a low opinion of your users that they are supposed to buy that this will make YouTube a more “civil” place. Pathetic.

  • jason

    that’s why i`m building my own webmail. I’ll never force myself to join some other thing just because it got bought out by someone else with more money. It might not have as many features as gmail, or indeed work properly for that matter, but at least I know what’s happening to my data.

  • Jess

    I am sooooooo ANGRY. Up until now I never really paid attention to the whole Youtube/Google+ ordeal, but lately I’ve been wanting to actually start posting videos on my channel. I can’t believe the comment section is gone, I can’t believe I have a Google+, and it pisses me off that I cannot get rid of my Google+ account without giving up my youtube one. WTF.

  • Steve

    They (gluegle) just got me last night when I changed my avatar on youtube..sneaky @#$%! They created a new G+ account… with no privacy settings enabled, of course. So, I’m cutting all cords to google! I just axed youtube and google+..bye-bye google search..lastly gmail gets the axe after I retrieve important emails and contacts info. I’ve had enough google intrusion.

  • Speakingplaintalk

    This new forced system has totally destroyed me

    been caught in a not so merry go round
    if I accept g+ I can post and vote but NO INBOX
    and lose my AVATAR

    If I refuse I get inbox and AVATAR but no post
    or vote or reply anywhere

    what is all creation can G gain by this corrupted system?

    also Gmail has a new system
    all my boxes are accessed by ONE PAGE
    so all intent to privacy is now gone

  • Never had a chance and by reading your story I might not try to use it. Well, not all risk are epic I guess, some of them fail like what this social media integration had cause.