Special Summer Edition: The Beal Deal with Rae Hoffman (@sugarrae)

Rae-Hoffman-SugarraeOK, I have a confession and an apology.

Apparently The Beal Deal took its summer break before publishing Rae Hoffman’s interview. This is a huge oversight on my part, and I owe Rae an apology. Sorry Rae.

Anyway, if you know Rae, you’ll know that she’s probably quietly sobbing in a corner clutching her blanky sharpening her knife collection & pulling out the Andy Beal voodoo doll. So, I’m interrupting this summer hiatus to bring you her interview.

Thanks Rae!

Q1. Let’s get you warmed up with a soft ball question. Where did the nickname Sugarrae come from?

I cannot tell you how many people assume it’s after the band (it’s definitely not).

DiCaprio’s Face and Iron Man’s One-Liners Lead to Facebook Post Gold

With the weekend barreling toward us, it’s only appropriate that we take a moment to honor the Facebook efforts of this summer’s hottest movies. Social Media Management company Expion ran the numbers of the Facebook posts for eight of the top flicks then poured their results into a star-studded infographic.

Just like the films on this list, this infographic is so huge it can’t be properly displayed on this small screen so I’ve cut it into a couple of bits so we can analyze their analysis.

Social Heat Index 6.26.13 edit

Each post was ranked based on the number of Fan Actions. That’s the sum of Facebook Likes, Comments and Shares on a post.

MySpace Declares a Win but the Path is Still Confusing

welcome myspaceMySpace issued a press release to talk about how well they’re doing since their launch two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago? I wrote about this back in September 2012. I guess that was a soft launch. This was the launch where they deleted everyone’s personal blog posts and pictures. . . that’s right.

Now we’re on the same page.

Since then, they’ve spend 20 million on a wild and crazy series of TV spots that invite you (yes you) to join the party. Look at those guys having fun. You want to be a part of that, don’t you?

Here are the numbers:

Initial 14-day statistics include:

31 million unique site visitors to check out the new Myspace

Looking for a Change? Internet and Social Media Marketing Jobs from Marketing Pilgrim

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Have you seen the new listings this week (as of June 27)? Here is a sampling:

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Friday Fun: Most Famous Brands by State

This image put together by writer and artist Steve Lovelace which he calls “Corporate States of America” is a great conversation starter for marketing junkies. While Lovelace meant it as social commentary (and I get that) most people miss that point.

Whether it serves a greater purpose (Be aware America, it’s a corporate country! Nice but not exactly a hidden gem) or not, it’s fun to go the lighter route and debate some of the choices. OK Pilgrims, start with the choice for California ……discuss!

Most Famous Brands by State

This helpful update came from the folks at Adweek (along with some humorous commentary of its own)

UPDATE: A few of the states are hard to make out. New Jersey is Campbell’s, New Hampshire is Timberland, Vermont is Ben & Jerry’s, Rhode Island is Hasbro, Delaware is DuPont, and Hawaii is Hawaiian Airlines.

Twinkies To Pull a Lazarus As They Are Brought Back to Life

gty_twinkies_nt_130319_wblogIs this an Internet marketing story? Not yet but it will be.

Why you ask? Well, there was considerable consternation last year when Hostess filed for bankruptcy and the iconic snack ‘food’ was being discontinued. Admittedly I was bothered at the time even though I probably had not eaten a Twinkie in over 20 years (although if I found some in my pantry from 20 years ago they would still be ready to eat which is pretty cool ;-) ). Well, in what will be an interesting study in the power of a brand, and the Internetm it looks like Twinkies are coming back in July.

The brand will need to do something other than just show up as Adweek points out

LinkedIn Celebrates 3 Million Company Pages [Infographic]

linked in company 1LinkedIn started out as a place for career-minded individuals to network with other individuals but over the years it’s turned into the world’s biggest social network for everything business. They’ve added forums, mentor blogs, the ability to share videos and presentations. They also moved from the individual to the company with Company Pages.

According to their celebratory infographic, LinkedIn now has more than 3 million Company Pages, 500,000 of which were created in the past 12 months. Those pages represent 148 different industries and they range from think tanks to railroad companies and everything in between, beside, above and below. Dig around on LinkedIn and you can find The League of Paranormal Investigators, Inc, The Flipside Circus, and Tiny Paper Cranes – a non-profit that makes origami birds for charity.