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cannes lions beachIf you have to spend a week at an industry conference this is the way to do it. Cannes Lions is a yearly celebration of creativity in communication. They give out awards in areas such as Mobile, Outdoor, Press and Radio and it’s so coveted by folks in the biz they call it the Oscars of Advertising.

This year, Cannes Lions received 35,765 entries from 92 countries and apparently a good time was had by most. Many of the winning entries were campaigns designed to help a cause or promote safety such as “Immortal Fans” which urges Brazilian soccer fans to become organ donors.

While cause marketing is certainly a worthwhile. . . . cause, more traditional advertisers felt slighted, saying those campaigns should be in a category of their own. I’m sure the jury members are as impartial as they can be but it’s hard to vote for a clever Old Navy dance number when Brazil is trying to save lives.

Allowing for the fact that this was a “creativity” festival, the overreaching takeaway is that advertisers have to start thinking more content and less commerce.

SapientNitro has been cataloging the week’s events with a series of colorful, decade-themed infographics. You can find them all on their Pinterest page.

Here’s the snippet I want to focus on:

cannes lions info 1These are the top Twitter trends from the week-long conference. Not surprisingly, creativity was the top concept with more than 11,000 Tweets.

Mobile was another hot topic. P&G won a Bronze award for their Huggies diapers that send mom a text alert when baby needs changing. Honestly, I can’t tell if this is real or a joke. 3,000 people also Tweeted about the future and I’m not sure what to make of that. I was excited to see more than 2,700 Tweets about how content is king.

2,000 people Tweeted about Data-drivers:

Finally, we have culture. Given that this was an international festival, I’m surprised that culture didn’t land higher on the chart. And it’s not just about different countries, it’s also about different cultures inside our own borders.


@iamdiddy also made the charts as one of the top social influencers along with @ariannahuff, @IAmDerekRamsay and @ninagarcia. What an interesting mix of people.

Creative content, folks. That’s the future of marketing.