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With the weekend barreling toward us, it’s only appropriate that we take a moment to honor the Facebook efforts of this summer’s hottest movies. Social Media Management company Expion ran the numbers of the Facebook posts for eight of the top flicks then poured their results into a star-studded infographic.

Just like the films on this list, this infographic is so huge it can’t be properly displayed on this small screen so I’ve cut it into a couple of bits so we can analyze their analysis.

Social Heat Index 6.26.13 edit

Each post was ranked based on the number of Fan Actions. That’s the sum of Facebook Likes, Comments and Shares on a post.

World War Z had the top post which hit just prior to the opening but failed miserably over all. The rest of their posts landed in the bottom 13 places on the overall list. If you skim the film’s Facebook page you’ll see a huge number of photos of Brad Pitt looking frightened. Maybe that’s not what people want in an action hero.

The Sci-Fi film After Earth also swings from second place to dead last but this one’s easy. Posts that feature Will Smith and son did much better than posts with other characters. The “After Earth Survival Tips” post without a Smith received 895 Likes. On the same day, a post about the After Earth app featuring a Smith photo received 8,858 Likes. The message is clear.

The Hangover III’s best post landed in #34th place, but their combined total of fan actions put them in the number 2 spot. You’d think it was handsome Bradley Cooper that propelled them to greatness but it was really photos of Zach Galifianakis that did the trick.

The big winner? Iron Man 3 with over 3.2 million fan actions. The secret to its success? Posts with Tony Stark’s infamous one-liners. A single quote post brought in 49,000 Likes. It doesn’t hurt that Marvel chose to add the new movie posts to their on-going Iron Man Facebook page rather than start a new page for this movie.

To make this a bit more markety – here’s a look at the posting days and times that brought in the best results.

Social Heat Index 6.26.13 edit

Thursday and Friday makes sense, but I’m surprised to see that most of the action happened in the afternoon. Must be all those bored workers who are dreaming of a weekend night at the movies.  Click here for the full infographic.

What’s on your must-see summer movie list?