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yext missing listingAccording to a 2012 study by Yext, $10.3 billion in annual offline sales are potentially lost from missing or incorrect information online.

In my own travels I’ve seen profiles with old addresses, wrong phone numbers and dozens of mentions with the wrong hours. If your Google listing says you’re open until 5 on Sunday and I come at 4 and you’re closed, I’m not coming back.

The upside of the internet is that information spreads quickly. The downside of the internet is that information spreads quickly. If you move to a new location, updating every company mention on the web is impossible. But now, thanks to Yahoo, you can make a dent in the bad data.

Yahoo’s new LocalWorks program is a one-stop dashboard for more than 40 online business directories. When you sign up, you fill out your profile following a template that has room for photos, videos and offers. When you’re done, Yahoo auto submits your listing to 40 directories.

reviewsOnce you’re listed, you can monitor all of your feedback and comments from that same dashboard. Need to change your address, hours or offers? Make the change in your dashboard and Yahoo pushes the updated info out to all of the sites.

For a small business owner, the ability to make all of that happen from one place is incredible. It also means there’s no excuse for poor customer follow-ups. If your dashboard starts filling up with complaints from several different review sites, you’ve got two problems; a business issue that needs to be corrected, and a bad reputation online which is much harder to fix. Your best bet is to get ahead of the issues, respond honestly and quickly then pray for good customer feedback to push the bad stuff off the page.

Yahoo Local Listing cost 49.99 a  month billed quarterly. Now through September 30, they offering it at only $29.99 a month. You can try it and quit but be aware that once you update to the advanced local listings, those listings will disappear along with your account. Make sure you understand the ramifications before you spend a lot of time with the system.

Without actually seeing the results, it sounds like a good deal for $29.99 a month.

  • Traffic Motion

    This is a great idea. I’ve moved business addresses before and have had companies send me mail to an address they found online for some other company in a totally unrelated state. Needless to say, the check they sent never got here and it’s been a hassle for over a year and a half to get a replacement. All from a mistaken web search. With how many profiles/accounts are needed to have a broad reach online these days, this is great for businesses who might not remember which sites they signed up with years ago when that was the thing to do.

  • Do you see any advantages over a program like Yext? They do the same thing, right?

  • Matt

    Yahoo Localworks is actually Yext white-labelled. Same thing.