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According to comScore, Tumblr had 29.2 million unique visitors in March 2013. And in this case the word “unique” has double meaning. Tumblr people are younger and more creative than the folks you’ll see on the other, more popular social networks. Skimming through the site you’ll see endless streams of artwork, witty captions, sarcastic outbursts, and trends that are so new they’re not even a blip on Twitter’s radar.

Tumblr folks love fashion, design, color, and they love quirky which is why they’re a perfect match for

Fancy is a crowd-curated catalog of cool and offbeat things like wooden martini glasses and micro luggage scooter. The product photos are big and bold and they run top to bottom in traditional blogger style. The site looks like a Tumblr page only, you can buy things. Now, they’re bringing that same functionality to Tumblr with their Fancy Anywhere button.

Here’s a test. Look at this plastic tree diorama. If the very sight of it gets you excited then you’re Fancy Anywhere material.

buy with fancy

What’s great about the new Buy with Fancy button is that what happens on Tumblr stays on Tumblr. A click generates a pop-up shopping cart. The entire sale can be completed inside that pop-up including shipping and payment.

Fancy pays 10% for every affiliate sale. . . . sort of. Here’s the interesting twist, you don’t earn cash back, you earn credit that you can use to buy items for yourself from

fancy dashboard


So, it’s not a get rich quick proposition, but it’s still neat way to get cool stuff for free. If you have a lot of traffic on your Tumblr, you might never have to pay cash for a single gift this holiday season. That’s worth the effort right there.

You’ll find more information and instructions for set up here.

Fancy Anywhere is a terrific example of how you can monetize a site like Tumblr without interrupting the flow of the conversation.

  • Lovish Verma

    Do they really ship ? Is the site Legit or Scam ?

  • Unlimited Sword

    this is real but not cash back, only get to buy credit