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check-in-friends-steps‘Celebration dinner with Kathie, George, Mike, Sam, Dean, Jason and Renaldo.’

Foursquare check-in done! Now, I have to sit and wait while everyone else takes out their phone, opens Foursquare and checks in. How boring. If only there was a way to check all of us in at the same time, we could be looking into each other’s eyes now instead of staring down at our phones.

Oh great Foursquare genie, won’t you help me please!

Voila! It is done. Foursquare just added the “I’m with. . . ” button to the bottom of the check-in screen. Now, all you have to do is click that button, then search for each of your friends, click, then he gets a notice asking for his permission to let you check him in and you’re done. Wow, that was. .  not really any faster than before.  . . .

It’ll be easier the second time, because once you have someone’s permission, you can group check them the next time.

Warning: make sure Renaldo told his wife the truth about where and with whom he’s spending his Friday night before you check him in. There are so many ways this could go wrong. That’s why they’ve added the option to delete a check-in if someone tags you and you don’t want to be tagged.

If the person refuses or doesn’t have a Foursquare account (!), you can still name them in your post but it won’t be linked to their account.

If your friend checked you in before you did it, you can override their message with a message of your own. I wonder what happens if you group check her and everyone else at the table after she already did it. . . .? This could lead to a serious social faux pas.

Foursquare says:

We built this so people could spend less time on their phones, and more time having fun.

Here’s another option. Leave your phones in your pocket when you go out to dinner with friends. Look the other people in the eye. Have a person-to-person conversation and don’t worry about showing everyone else in the world how popular you are.

If you’re not very popular, go ahead and check other people in anyway. I’m sure your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend will understand when his account shows he was having drinks with you last Saturday night.




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