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This image put together by writer and artist Steve Lovelace which he calls “Corporate States of America” is a great conversation starter for marketing junkies. While Lovelace meant it as social commentary (and I get that) most people miss that point.

Whether it serves a greater purpose (Be aware America, it’s a corporate country! Nice but not exactly a hidden gem) or not, it’s fun to go the lighter route and debate some of the choices. OK Pilgrims, start with the choice for California ……discuss!

Most Famous Brands by State

This helpful update came from the folks at Adweek (along with some humorous commentary of its own)

UPDATE: A few of the states are hard to make out. New Jersey is Campbell’s, New Hampshire is Timberland, Vermont is Ben & Jerry’s, Rhode Island is Hasbro, Delaware is DuPont, and Hawaii is Hawaiian Airlines.

What’s your take?

  • FrankReed

    While I didn’t note it in the post my state’s brand is a bank. That is disappointing.

  • guest

    This is surprising. No Google in Cali or Ford in Michigan. There’s some others too.

    • Doug Skaggs

      Apple for CA is the best choice. it’s been around way longer & exposed to way more people than Google, FaceBook, and other current booming Silicon Valley digital based bizs.

      Mac PC, iPod, iTunes, iPhone…. almost EVERYONE in world knows these names.
      still around 20% US adults, do not even use internet and/or computers,
      and thus are near oblivious to Google, FaceBook, etc.

      But you nailed Mich with Ford !!! EVERYONE alive in ALL developed societies, would know & recognize the Ford Motor Co name. Ford would to be right up there with Coca Cola, as one of the most recognized brnd names in entire world !!

  • Brian

    Hooters is the best Florida can do? Is Disney located there?

    • Brian

      But it originated in CA

    • Brian

      What about Gatorade?

  • Alex

    What criteria has been chosen to identify the best brand (among others also possible) by state ?

  • Justin

    You probably want to put the Golden Arches in Illinois as apposed to CAT. Otherwise you’re missing arguably the most recognized brand in the world while holding places for smaller QSRs (such as Wendy’s, Sonic and, um, Taco Johns).

    • Ozzy

      Mc Donald’s was started in San Bernardino CALIFORNIA

  • Janine

    Stick to either the company or the brand, not both. You’re missing iconic brands such as Oreo, Ritz, Mac n Cheese, companies such as Kraft and Mondelez…

  • Dave Perry

    Starbucks beats Microsoft in Washington state? Really?

  • Michelle

    Yeah, Starbucks would beat Microsoft. Mostly because it’s been around longer. However, it’s a close call between the two.

    • BRB

      Starbucks store fronts didn’t start expanding until 1976 but it was only six stores total. Hardly a nationally recognized brand by then as well.

  • rico

    Gillette is a P&G company (ohio) and it’s for mass? Minn. is Pillsbury but Pillsbury is a Gen. Mills brand, you’d think Gen Mills would take the top.

  • Alvin

    I thought California was all about HOLLYWOOD

  • Ty

    Can anyone make out which company is New Jersey? It’s too small for me to see.

    • Ty

      Wow, didn’t read down, nevermind!

  • Mike

    Saks – Alabama? That’s one I really don’t get.

    Others – Hawaii – Dole?. Virginia – Smithfield Ham? Kentucky – KFC? New York – Citicorp – it’s on everything from stadiums to bicycles.

  • BRB

    Dr Pepper is more recognized and associated with Texas than Dell or Texas Instruments? Really?

    • Doug Skaggs

      quite possibly so. there is still about 20% of US adults that do not use internet, and almost as many do not even use computers/ elect calcualtors, etc. at all.

      EVERY adult in Texas is very aware of Dr P, and most have also drank it at least a few times.

      PS – i also suspect WhattaBurger could be a comparable match to Dr P as Texas’ most recognized brand.

    • Jeremy

      Or Frito-Lay

  • Megan

    What’s up with SAKS and Alabama…that one threw me for a loop.

  • Kaiser

    I didn’t know Super 8 started in South Dakota. My first thought would have been Gateway. Probably the best answer, though, would be Daktronics. They are literally everywhere. Check out any score board at any sporting venue!

  • Chris

    I think NJ should be AT&T, and there are so many better choices than Verizon for NY