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Google Groups Screen ShotInternet confession time. I didn’t even realize there was a Google Group’s old version so today’s update is less of a “Oh that’s nice” and more like a “Oh crap another thing I am not an expert in!” moment.

At least I admit that I don’t use every possible product, service, gadget or whatever is in the busy Internet marketplace. I have used Yahoo! Groups in the past but I couldn’t tell you if that still exists (does it?).

At any rate, it really doesn’t mean diddly whether I do or don’t know anything here because for those who use Google Groups you are now moving forward with the new version whether you want to or not. From the Official Gmail Blog we get

With Google Groups, you can manage a mailing list, coordinate with your social club, and find experts who share your interests. Over the last year we have been working on improving the experience and adding new features while keeping our old version running.

Today we’re retiring the old version and excited to be bringing the new Google Groups to everyone. If you haven’t tried Groups in a while you’ll notice improved options for managing your groups and long time users may be surprised by all the features we have added along the way.

I am going to give this feature a try because as of late I have found that small groups that I am a part of have a very difficult time staying in touch and staying on track. Getting consensus in group on how to best communicate if often a chore since not everyone uses email the same way etc, etc. This new and improved Google Groups could be an answer for some.

One of the recently improved features is the ability to create an inbox that allows you to collaboratively share, distribute and track responsibilities with others. Imagine you and a few friends are organizing an event for your school and want a single email address to coordinate with vendors, parents, and volunteers. Members of the group can work together to manage email, assign items to each other, and mark items resolved. This can be a great feature for teams seeking a really simple way to get things done without sharing passwords or losing track.

Google Groups Screen Shot

What’s your experience been with Google Groups? Can it be a valuable communication tool for your teams or groups?

  • cynthialil

    I’ve used Google Groups here and there but never found it as user friendly as yahoo Groups was back in the day. I miss that site.

  • mjh111

    My favorite quote – “I have used Yahoo! Groups in the past but I couldn’t tell you if that still exists (does it?)”

    I actually find Google Groups very useful (i know, i’m a rare breed). Regardless of the UI, i find the content and people who engage in Google Groups far more useful than many online forums. In terms of a new UI/UX update, this i did not know…so thanks for the heads up!!! 🙂