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Yesterday, I went into Google Analytics to set up a new website. Once again, it took me several tries to make my way to the proper section. I don’t load things into Analytics all that often, but still, you’d expect a tool this sophisticated to be a little more intuitive.

Hopefully, that’s what we’ll all find when we log on to the next generation of Google Analytics which they call “dramatically streamlined.”

analytics update

When you go into the Admin tab, this is what you’ll see going forward. Google provided several screengrabs on their blog but what they don’t show are the options under the drop-downs and this is where I’m confused.

Everything has been moved into three columns. That seems simple enough. Accounts and Properties are the same as before but they’ve changed Profiles to View. I always thought the word Profiles was misleading, so I understand the switch but View doesn’t really do it for me either. Here’s Google’s explanation:

We are also renaming profiles to views to most closely match the present and future meaning of what this object represents: a view of the data Analytics collected for your property.

To match the present and future meaning? Does that mean there are more changes ahead?

As for those drop-downs, the first two are obvious. I’m not sure what all goes under the last tab.

When you go to load a new website, the admin tool is cleaner and more intuitive. Here’s the new look (on top) versus the old look (on the bottom.)

admin-2 old settings

It’s not a huge change but we’re all so used to sidebar on the left with info on the right, it just feels better.

The main difference is that what used to take you three clicks now only takes one. Less clicks works for me, as long as I hit the right “one” on the first try.

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