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Google put up a short announcement post last night about the new Related Image bar in Image Search. As an example, they talk about searching the word Maui. To help you narrow down the thousands of photos of pristine beaches, the Related Image bar pulls out photos of Black Rock, Makena and Maui Beaches Maps – in other words, more pictures of beaches.

Not so helpful. Then I tried to search one of my usual TV topics and the light bulb went on. I searched “Life on Mars.”

life on mars

This bar appears above the image results. It’s a line of choices with a side-scroller (but you can’t go one by one so I had to cut off the first response. . .sorry). Am I looking for “Life on Mars” the Bowie song? Proof that there’s life on Mars? Or the TV show “Life on Mars?” Now that’s what I’m talking about.

I often search movie and TV titles that have other meanings and would save me a lot of messing around. Here’s another. I want to learn more about the new TV series Graceland.

graceland images

I get options for Graceland the place and the show.

Getting nitpicky, I wish Google would use the same keyword every time. In these examples, Graceland is “Show” and Life on Mars is “Tv Show.” They also need to correct the capitalization. Another Life on Mars result was labeled Bbc. I guess the tool is set to capitalize the first letter of the word and lower case the rest, regardless.

When you choose a topic, your results don’t change immediately. First, the screen splits to give you a closer look your choice.

life on mars second screen

You can click through for more detail on any of those options and you’ll find another set of “related” pics. If you don’t like those, click the 100+ more box and that’s when the full screen changes over to the more refined search.

With some practice, this will be my preferred method of narrowing down results. Right now, I’m still having trouble remembering to re-click the smaller photo to shut the detail screens. I want to press the “back” button, which is how you get out of the extreme detail mode and that throws me out of search completely. They really need to make the navigation the same from level to level.

As for this new search style, I’m learning to like it. It also points up the importance of properly labeling your photos. I don’t know exactly how Google catalogs images but I’m sure it will do better with life-on-mars-us-tv-cast.jpg vs 2849skl39.jpg.

Fun Friday Game: find words and phrases with multiple meanings to put in the new Google Image search to see if you can stump the engine. Pink – it’s a color and a person.


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    I agree, it is way much cooler than the old one 🙂 thanksgiving puzzles

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  • Pia

    Thank you for sharing the thought.. I really love the new image..

  • I really like the newer look of google images