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smart restaurant issue

What time is it? It’s S.M.A.R.T report time!

Today we have a special edition for all you hungry folks who skipped lunch so you could go home early on a Friday. (I’m eating as I type this, so there’s a theme.)

First, let’s look at the general state of mobile marketing in Q1 2013.

Telecom took the top slot for spending with an increase of 102% over last year. That was followed by Entertainment, Finance and Retail.

When looking at vertical growth, Sports knocked it out of the ballpark with a spend that grew by 600%. No, that extra zero wasn’t a typo. Millennial (my favorite word today) Media says a lot of this was due to a trend toward creating branded apps for teams and sports organizations. I downloaded the NHL app at the start of the year to follow the Stanley Cup action, so I did my part.

One surprise, Non-Profit ad spend was up 264%. Sadly, that’s probably due to the rash of natural disasters to hit our country in the past year.

Fun Fact: 12% of the campaigns implemented a unique mobile interactive action, such as letting consumer swipe the screen or shake their device.

Out to Lunch

This month’s S.M.A.R.T Report focuses in on the restaurant trade. Eateries are all about getting more mouths through the door so they campaign differently than other types of businesses.

  • 83% of restaurant campaigns featured a Store Locator or the ability to view a map in their campaigns vs 15%  of the total campaigns on MM’s platform.
  • 70% of restaurant campaigns allowed consumers to search their site vs 24% of the total campaigns on the platform.
  • 80% of restaurant campaigns set out to get more foot traffic vs 9% overall.

Who’s going out to eat? DIYers engaged with more restaurant advertising than any other demographic! Maybe it’s because their house is so torn up from construction, they have to go out to eat.

engaged audience

Travelers (makes sense) and Music fans came out on top for engagement followed by Casual gamers, Bargain Hunters and Avid Shoppers. Business Enthusiasts and Entertainment Fans came out on the low side, which I find surprising.

Also in the report is a quick look at a new campaign from a UK restaurant chain called Harvester. Their ads featured a coupon button which, when clicked, loaded the coupon directly into the iOS Passbook app. They were the first in the UK to try this technique and they were extremely pleased with the results. Not only did they get a lot of clicks, but it allowed them to track pull real-time data in regard to downloads and redemptions. Sure beats the old paper coupon.

In honor of this month’s Millennial Media S.M.A.R.T. Report you should all treat yourselves to dinner out. You deserve the break.

Have a great weekend. I’ll see you back here on Monday.