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As marketers there is too much to keep up with for one person. Online, offline, traditional, digital, social, search, the list can go on and on.

However, a recent study from The Economist Intelligence Unit (which was sponsored by Lyris and repackaged in the chart below by Marketing Charts) makes it clear that big data is a top priority amongst all the things a marketer could know. Of course, just acquiring big data means nothing. It’s the ability to utilize data analysis skills to extract predictive findings that is at the top of marketers’ list of skills they feel are critical.


What might surprise some, especially those who are in the ‘latest and greatest done by the cool kids’ school of marketing which assumes social media skills is on the top of every marketers’ wish list’ camp, is that there is real desire to fully understand e-mail best practices.

E-mail? Really? Yes and the reason is that it is effective. People pay less attention to things that sound cool but don’t produce. They pay greater attention to techniques that work. So while it is not the sexiest form of marketing, e-mail marketing is important and smart marketers recognize it as such. They recognize it so much so that they are willing to admit that even with e-mail marketing being almost an ‘old school’ technique there is much to learn about best practices especially in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Were you surprised at all by these results? Why or why not?

  • I have to agree that people shouldn’t write off email marketing purely because other new methods of marketing have been introduced, it can still be very effective, especially if you’ve taken the time to build a great list.

    As for data being at the top that makes a lot of sense and is fantastic for anyone focusing on digital marketing, given how poorly traditional offline channels provide this data. If marketers want more data and better ways to understand it that’s great news for the web.

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  • Sophia

  • It’s not surprising that email is still one of the most important tools in the marketing industry. Email is a powerful medium, and learning how to best use it to accomplish multiple goals is important.