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welcome myspaceMySpace issued a press release to talk about how well they’re doing since their launch two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago? I wrote about this back in September 2012. I guess that was a soft launch. This was the launch where they deleted everyone’s personal blog posts and pictures. . . that’s right.

Now we’re on the same page.

Since then, they’ve spend 20 million on a wild and crazy series of TV spots that invite you (yes you) to join the party. Look at those guys having fun. You want to be a part of that, don’t you?

Here are the numbers:

Initial 14-day statistics include:

31 million unique site visitors to check out the new Myspace

Uniques are nice but the real test is active, regular users. How many of those people are in for the long haul?

The community is liking what they see. Myspace has been solidly trending on Twitter since its June 12 launch
Myspace has trended worldwide for up to two hours at a given time on multiple days (June 12, 13, 15, and 20), even in the face of stiff competition.

Just because they’re talking about you doesn’t mean they like you. Many brands land in the top trends for all the wrong reasons.

Brand sentiment has been overwhelmingly positive across social media
Brand sentiment on Twitter in September 2012 was nearly 60 percent positive; since launch is now approximately 80 percent positive

A response to my last point. I’ll give them this one.

To show that they’re not just about music – even though they keep telling us they’re all about music – trending topics include iOS7, Tim Duncan and San Antonio (NBA Finals). Also Kanye West. Finally! A piece of data that makes sense.

Going Mobile

MySpace also did very well with their new app:

  • 34 percent of that traffic came through mobile
  • To date, there have been 995,000 downloads and updates of the new app
  • Myspace’s new app is climbing up the social app chart quickly, moving from 1,300 to 142 in the first 14 days after its debut
  • The Myspace app is consistently ranked among the Top 20 social networking apps

But again I’m confused. When you go to the app page, the first screen shot is all about how you can create animated GIFS. Next is the radio and after that I have no idea because it won’t scroll on my computer.

myspace app

So, now MySpace is competing with Vine and Instagram? The entire app description relies heavily on the community aspect of MySpace with only a few mentions of music. Did MySpace change direction again?

The fact that they were all music, all the time was bound to drive away many of the original users but it was what set them apart from other social networks. It’s what made them fresh and new and cool and they have the industry connections to back it up.

And yet, VentureBeat says MySpace is still using indie label music without permission and without compensating the artists. Sigh.

MySpace, I’m rooting for you to pull out a win but you keep making it harder and harder for me to stand beside you. I wonder where you’ll be when September 2013 rolls around.


  • Ben Calhoun

    If Myspace is telling you that this is a “Win” then they are just living a lie to draw in new people.

    Here are just a few posts that show a clear cross section of the 125 Million old members who are all posting at once with the same sentiment, as follows:

    06-12-2013 09:57 AM

    The fact that we cannot retrieve our old emails is bogus, and members should
    be able to leave us messages. This is a social network site right?
    I agree, I want the old one back. I do not like this at all.
    It is more confusing than ever by the way!! Hate the new myspace.

    ‎06-12-2013 09:11 PM

    Hey there,

    If you are as pissed off as I am
    about what has happened with MySpace, you might want to check this out:

    facebook [dot] com [slash] down.with.myspace

    More details here:

    facebook [dot] com [slash]

    Thanks for your patience,

    Peace out.

    06-13-2013 08:31 PM

    Unbelievable!!! I’ve been a member since 2008…. and have stuck with the
    sight through other changes made because of all the personal information on my
    page with memories and pictures I wanted to keep being the main reasons I
    stayed. But to CHANGE EVERYTHING WITHOUT NOTICE and have everything lost
    without warning….. I at least hope there will be a way to retrieve everything
    so I can download them all and then CANCEL MY ACCOUNT!!! I can’t believe this
    is how you treat loyal members that have put up with a lot of crap already in
    the last few years!!!!! PS LOVE the 28 page terms of agreement you
    expect everyone to read….. MYSPACE is anything BUT mine! Thanks for

    ginamilick wrote:

    I just can’t believe you are still ignoring the issue at hand, Myspace!!

    Users here developed a body of work and without any type of warning, YOU STOLE
    OUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and won’t give us access to it!! Because you
    are obviously avoiding this issue, I’m going to have to support a lawsuit
    against you for being extremely unreasonable in offering up any type of
    solution for people to gain access back to their personal written

    For you to be so brash and inconsiderate at a simple request to bring back
    Classic Myspace which had access to user’s blogs, messages, and comments is
    UNBELIEVABLY WRONG! People are not even asking for permanent access to
    Classic Myspace, but are suggesting to you that you need to bring it
    back. Thousands of users are extremely upset that they have lost years of
    work in the form of blogs. People who may have wanted to publish that
    work before you decided, without any fair warning or grace period, to expunge
    their body of work contained in their blogs.

    Why is it so hard to understand and grant request to the OVERWHELMING feedback
    for users to be able to copy and back-up their comments, blogs, and messages?

    I, for one, am not going to take this offensive and lawless treatment you are
    giving me. I have already filed a complaint to the FTC about what you
    have done and now I am emailing as many lawyers as I can to see what they can
    do about getting user’s old material back. IF you don’t think I’m serious
    then please, think again. I have already posted enough and not received
    any response and you are just being unreasonable.

    I will back you and be the first to add my signature to your Class Action

    Inc. Corporate Office & Headquarters

    1223 Wilshire Blvd Ste 402

    Santa Monica, CA 90403


    Specific Media’s (who own Myspace) phone number from their website:

  • Ben Calhoun

    Doesn’t sound like much of a “Win” to me! just go to go to the tiny help button at the very bottom of the page then go to FEEDBACK and behold the mayhem for yourself!

  • Gary

    Great post, you said it all right. How is Myspace winning when the majority of their site is ghost accounts? They won’t tell you the real number of active users, because the number is fairly low.


    I ask the MySpacers to manifest their dissatisfaction by a collective and peaceful strike! Play ad nauseam an artist! #MySpace


    Je demande aux MySpacers de manifester leur mécontentement par une grève collective et pacifique! Ecouter à satiété un artiste! #MySpace

  • melaichan

    Declares a win?Seriously?I don’t think so!

    landmarks puzzles

  • rtqp

    If you want to see the blunt, painful truth, go to Alexa and type in Note how traffic has plummeted since the relaunch — not even a bump like they were claiming! Clearly, they’re in damage control mode at this point.

    As far as I can tell, their business plan is for celebrities (“creative people”) to have myspace pages, while average users are supposed to appreciate “discovery” of celebrity myspace pages. Hey, look, our commercial has a bunch of musicians in a room! Don’t you want to hang out with cool people?

    While the new MySpace may scrape by as a site for ego-rich LA sorts to display their “creativity,” the rest of the world has no need for this sort of thing. I suspect this to be a classic case of some large egos surrounded by too many yes-men. How else could the decision to axe all user content — without even warning people — have been made?

    • starshiplove

      To be fair, Alexa is not a 100% accurate measure of traffic, particularly among the markets that MySpace would be claiming as their own.

      That being said, MySpace’s brand is probably too diminished to make a real comeback even if they executed perfectly, which wouldn’t happen. MySpace could have a future as a niche music site or something, but their branding is all over the place and there’s no real laser focus on that.

      • rtqp

        You don’t need much accuracy to see the big picture. If you dial alexa out to the max timerange, here’s what you see: gradual decline, a spike in January when they did their first relaunch, then the slow decline resumes. When the second relaunch hits, there isn’t a spike like the first one — there is an immediate, sharp drop. There’s not much arguing around that.

        I figure Alexa misses a lot of mobile traffic, and the new new MySpace focuses much more on that, sure. But the numbers they gave there are distinctly underwhelming — they cite a peak of #142 in a sub-section of Apple’s app store. Not even the whole store, just social apps. I haven’t checked the numbers myself (not an Apple user), but I would bet you that even Soundcloud’s app is doing better.

      • rtqp

        Update: Alexa chart now even more clear. 😉