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deletedMySpace is proud to announce a new platform across desktop and mobile. Oh, and by the way, they deleted all your old stuff when they did it. All those photos you uploaded, the private messages, the blog posts — all that history that you thought would stay there forever – gone.

Needless to say. . . okay, I’m going to say it anyway. . . people are not happy. You can read it all on a thread called “Where is all of my old Myspace stuff.

The responses talk about years of poems and personal notes, photos of friends who passed away, private messages between loved ones and money and time invested in games that are gone.

Everyone posting is passionate and all things considered, the comments are reasonable and clean (perhaps MySpace is moderating them?). Their biggest complaint boils down to this:

warningNone. What company deletes years of user data without giving anyone a chance to remove their stuff? Some users are talking about hiring a lawyer to recover their personal information but I’m not sure MySpace had a legal obligation to give users a way out. From a PR standpoint, they should have offered zipped downloads but apparently they don’t care about the angry masses who used to hang out on use-to-be-cool street. Now they have the music crowd, they don’t need those poets and gamers anymore.

MySpace just locked the thread with the complaints but people are starting new ones. This is a fire they won’t be able to put out until they come up with a solution. I find it hard to believe that the data is actually gone. I’m sure it’s on a backup server somewhere. I can only hope that at this moment MySpace techs are building out a solution. It’ll be worth the effort in the long run. Not that they’re going to buy much good will with this afterthought, but it would stop the rush of complaints.

Here’s the original message from MySpace which was posted to the thread.

We’re focused on building the best Myspace possible. And to us, that means helping you discover connect and share with others using the best tools available. Going forward we’re concentrating on building and maintaining the features that make those experience better. That means you won’t see a few products on the new site…


  • Blogs
  • Private Messages
  • Videos
  • Comments or Posts
  • Custom background design
  • Games

We know that this is upsetting to some but it gives us a chance to really concentrate on creating a new experience for discovery and expression. Feel free to hit the Me Too button if you have similar questions so we can track your needs and concerns.

Upsetting? Oh, they’re not even talking about the deleted stuff. They’re saying they know people will be upset at the lack of features going forward!

And here’s from the new press release:

“The magic of Myspace has always been at the intersection of creative expression, community, promotion, and discovery,” said Myspace CEO Tim Vanderhook. “Myspace aims to power a new ecosystem catering directly to the creative community, enabling artists to manage their digital presence, build an audience, upload and distribute their content, and learn from data all on a single platform.”

Yep, sounds like they’ve moved on to a new audience. It’s sad and the worst move I’ve seen a company in transition make in a long time.

Lesson to be learned: we don’t own our space in social media, we’re only renting. Make sure you have backups of everything important even if it means taking screengrabs. This is Facebook ten years from now.


  • Ian Burman

    Really? People are upset over MySpace? This just show reinforce the idea of BACKING UP YOUR STUFF.

    • IRawrAtYou

      I was around 14 years old when I first logged onto Myspace. It’s been nearly 8 years then. We’re not all tech savvy as you are. There were only floppy disks at the time for me and I didn’t even have access to a computer till much later. By then, there were too many things to back up. I don’t know about you but there were a lot of precious memories contained in that one account. I even met my husband because of MySpace. I treasured our first messages exchanged. In one fell swoop, they erased everything without prior notice. That’s what bothers me. We had no warning.

      • Ian Burman

        You had EIGHT YEARS to save this stuff. EIGHT YEARS.

        • guest

          yes and also had the illusion of security that pretty much ALL myspace users had. That was that it was an online website, meaning it stored ALL of your information down to the T for you, so it would be there always. Then they turn around and do what is underhanded for anyone to do, and delete all of your own personal things such as messages or pictures without warning. Yes people “could” have saved everything, but the more reasonable thing would have been for them, KNOWING they were going to do this, to tell everyone. And the last time I checked you can’t spend money on games and “save” your money on a cd, or hard drive and recover it later. Money doesn’t work like that.

        • Milliken Steeler

          You’re a D-BAG…D-BAG!

      • kiki

        Here you can get your stuff back

    • Milliken Steeler

      Thanks for stating the obvious numb nuts, Tell me how all of the Mobsters players backed up the game Myspace unplugged?

      I would loved to have had you on Mobsters. You would have been on that hit list more than you can say…Im a non commenting D-bag.

  • Benjy Hillton

    I’m glad all that stuff got removed, I wonder if there is a way to delete an account?
    Mortal Kombat Games

  • Iskakova Karli

    It is just stupid, they have lost so many people who will never come back to Myspace.

    • Justin Ewing

      they was never coming back in the first place

  • Michael S.

    Dumbasses. Of course we’re upset. To have your content, things you spent money on, gone without warning? I hope the owners are assassinated. Honestly.

    • Jenny Jen

      I hope their sued with a class action lawsuit for stealing everyones money invested in games with no notice. They were selling it Monday afternoon, And deleted games Monday night. That’s called fraud. I smell a class action law suit

  • Jenny Jen

    MySpace TOTALLY BLEW IT!!! They should of started a NEW brand name. I’ve gamed on MySpace since 2008 playing Mobsters, YoVille, Farmville and have invested hundreds of dollars just to have it all stolen from me by some has been pop star Justin Tinbernothing. They should of started a new brand name the idiots. All my friends gone, All my games gone, all the artists I followed are gone. MySpace is run by moroons. I will NEVER go there again. NEVER

    • CaMeO

      Well, his last album did sell nearly 1 million its 1st week (highest this year), so I wouldn’t call him a has been.

      • Lateralus

        Nobody actually gives a fuck. He’s a NOBODY in our personal lives. We had people we cared about, deceased loved ones, memories, pictures, messages. Fuck JT. You obviously don’t get it.

        • ksedude

          I’m pretty sure JT didn’t sit there and hatch an evil plan to delete our stuff. He was probably advised by a bunch of suits and trusted that they knew what they were doing.

      • Milliken Steeler

        No one cares about Justin Timberfake as his music is horrible. He sings like an upset girl friend gave him a shot in the chones right before a gig.

        I am Dom Vendetta from mobsters. My page metal_only_ zone wont be forgotten and Ill never forget the good friends I made on Mobsters over the years.

        Dom Vendetta lives on playing Command & Conquer now.

    • Angie
    • stellabystarlite

      It’s “should’ve” (should have). There is no “should of.”

      • Sal

        Shut up, douche.

  • Tanker

    Myspace you should of just put on a mask and got out a gun, I wpould of felt better if your going to rob someone atleast be honest about it. You’ve taken millions of dollars from people. On mobsters alone alot of people put in alot of time and money into a game that we all enjoyed. Just to have you pull the plug well i’ll never have anything to do with anything that you endorse. You ran off like a thief in the night

  • David Stroud

    They wanted to compete with Spotify, and now they have to compete with them and Facebook at the same time. They should have taken a book from Facebook’s number as more and more people are using Facebook for games, music, notes (blogs), groups, pages (forums), private messages, comments and so forth. The more articles like this out there and more people voice their displeasure? It will drive people away from the new MySpace.

    Another article that the CEO lied about getting new members joining MySpace. He claimed that 1 million new users joined, but it was only people being forced to join The New JustinSpace from the Classic. Major failure on their part. I gave them a suggestion a few years back, and make it in the form of all types of entertainment industry and sports. Not like this. People want more than just music. They want a social site that covers everything in one place. Not joining so many sites to get what they want.

  • kathy

    My Space ! What an unpro lot you are! Just to delete all your loyal people’s info, pe. Who ever is responsible will end up being hounded into court, as I for one want my images back. I paid a designer to install all my prevous Gallery onto it untill I opened my new one, and now it’s all gone.without us you wouldnt EXIST! I will not be supporting anything to do with your crap site ever again .It neaded up dating we all know that, as it was crap …..It has taken all these years to find designers to try and make it look cool .I AM NOT IMPRESSED iTS STILL BORING.Get my stuff back along with everyone elses My name is Kathy schiel by the way for anyone who wants to be proactive and request what was ours to be given back asap …All you lawers get into action and you will have a following…..I hope I am wrong and myspace is going to return the info

  • Ripper

    Whoops. Damn. Please ignore my previous comment on how to recover videos. The method no longer works. (Mods, delete both of my comments, please)

  • anonymous

    I want my sh*t back. I am so pissed off right now. They could have at least warned people. I was going on a few minutes ago to find old pics and videos deleted.Gone.Vanished. Then I go to others’ profiles and find the same thing happened. Trying to create something new doesn’t mean hurting everyone in the process who they want so badly to come back. I hate that the things I lost weren’t backed up.Myspace does and will forever suck big time to me.

    • Felicia

      So far from what It seems myspace will allow the transfer of photos and playlist once you have updated to the terms and conditions, their is a walk through video that will come up. For other settings, I went to the far top right corner above your “connections” the click then a little pen for “edit” will show, to add your bio, details, playlist search, etc. and their is this weblink they give as an alternative for the transfer of pics, playlist- 1 time -

    • Steve

      Yes it certainly is crazy. I had messages I wanted to look at and try to save and now it’s all gone!! These were important to me and now I can’t get it back. It’s devastating since there was no warning or even mentioning what they were planning on doing. I am definitely not happy and I am sure there are plenty of others too!! Upgrading doesn’t mean to remove peoples stuff that they tought would always be there….you definitely suck….MySpace!!!

  • poet_tek

    If there is anyone that is interested in retrieving their old blogs that were deleted by Myspace, let me know; I am able to get them back. I was able to find mine, but I am also very good with computers….

    • brandirose96

      I want to try to get it back! Please let me know how

      • poet_tek

        @brandirose96 what is ur myspace username?

      • poet_tek

        email me
        we’ll go from there

    • Teresa Yi Vaj-Hawj

      I want to retrieve my picture albums!

    • zak

      me too … please email zakamin@ ;-)

    • Kathleen

      please help..

    • lea

      im interested, ive lost years worth! how did you do it?

    • dmcb1575

      I want mine back please!

    • Nikki Tung

      please help!

    • Jon Von Braun

      Hey let me know how if you truly can my email is

    • Alex

      Please help me.

    • erika

      yes, please! how did you do it? my email is:

    • kornhelius

      I found lately this post.
      If it is not too late, let me know how et what to do.

    • guest

      Hey I would like oo get my old one back plz tell me how at

      • disqus_gre65

        Did you have any luck with this?

    • disqus_gre65

      Has there been a response/did it work?


    La magie de MySpace! Au lieu du Père NOEL le Père fouettard pour les blogueurs!

    • zodi

      i also have personal poems on my own myspace which i know i should have kept but i trusted myspace and now cannot access my account, can anyone help ??????

  • angrybird

    I”m very upset !!! They need to find a way to let us retrieve it …. it is upsetting knowing that silly messages and exchanges with friends,family, and old friends are gone. VERY UPSETTING!

  • jason
  • jason
  • jamjam0308

    I want my old messages back!! They are special to me!!!

  • Teresa Yi Vaj-Hawj

    Me too….I kept my Myspace account open as a “photo diary” and now all that is gone!! :(

  • Teresa Yi Vaj-Hawj

    I would very much appreciate it if anyone can share how they retrieved their photos and other important stuff that Myspace has deleted. I want all my picture albums back. This was the main reason why I still have Myspace….photo diary forever….but I guess not.

  • Jack the Ripper

    myspace = deleted

  • Monster A GoGo

    MySpace’s Feedback Forum was rampant with complaints. MySpace stepped in and, instead of responding to the complaints, changed the forum around so that all feedback had to be “approved” (i.e. censored) by MySpace. It cut down on angry postings—but did nothing to quash those feelings of anger…and probably just made things worse. Those disgruntled users are NOT going to suddenly come around and embrace the service that wiped out all of their content just because their voices have been stifled in the feedback section (which had, ironically, just had its name changed to “Your Voice”). Epic FAIL!

    • Angie

      do like thousand other old uers and join thi new network

      I am there and was on myspace since the begining they destroyed everything i had

      friendburst is amazing

  • zak

    Hi everyone. I’ve started a facebook campaign please join.. spread the word..

  • Sunanda Shelton

    My children’s father passed away 3 years ago. They deleted all the conversations between him and my kids. We are all pissed and will never use MySpace. It was never myspace. It’s someone else’s space to delete as they wish.

  • Angie

    Mysace never been loyal if you need a REAL SOCIAL NETWORK where you can socialise and blog and meet people join , many ex myspacers joined as well as bands THIS IS THE NEW PLACE TO BE

  • Angie

    Join this place for real social networking

  • Angie

    It is very devastating i agree i for myself joined this place just like myspace , creativity , amazing profiles and people , blogs , bands , games etc

  • Gordon Potter

    Who wants to join me in a CLASS ACTION for them stealing our pictures, comments and mail?

    I had lost ALL and every pictures of family and friends I had ever known in a major storm, so Myspace was my ONLY CHANCE to obtain some of my pictures back, but now they are GONE!
    this is a cold blooded CRIME. Contact me at to join the good fight PLEASE

  • Billy Suratt

    MySpace has betrayed tens of millions of Americans who trusted it to store and safeguard significant pieces of their lives. Check out this petition asking the White House to intervene:

  • felicia

    http:/ This person he gives examples on how you may retrieve some of your blog info, by going on home page, go to the search engine and type in myspace dot com/ username or URL/ blog, see what links come up highlighted in blue, or rightclick scroll to “cache” . Also mentioned, if you are able to retrieve blogs copy and paste and save on a text document, or repost them on , or compose numerous emails to yourself.
    As far as the photos and playlist, It seems myspace will allow the transfer of photos and playlist once you have updated to the terms and conditions, there is a walk through video that will come up, to change background pic with their options or a saved pic from your computer. Then you can find them under the “mixes” tab. For other settings, I went to the far top right corner above your “connections” the click then a little pen for “edit” will show, to add your bio, details, playlist search, etc. and their is this weblink they give as… an alternative for the transfer of pics, playlist- 1 time – And also you can use as a backup for saved images, or pictures.

  • Mark Schlager

    FUCK MYSPACE. Just deleted my account today!

  • Willie Russell

    I’m so fucking mad idont even know what to say.. I barely tried signing in today to see some of my saved messages to find all of it gone. Smh

  • LizLA

    I am thoroughly upset due to the fact some of those pictures that I was going to SAVE had just been deleted. They were of lost loved ones and very important messages…not to mention things sent by my husband serving our country in Afghanistan!!! Important things that I will never have back. So thanks for nothing Myspace. You will never be Facebook…quit trying. You’re just pissing people off more.

  • Larilyn Mitchell23

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  • Larilyn Mitchell

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  • emma

    had i know this would of happened i would of never agreed to transfer to the new myspace. it upsets me so much! i meet my now boyfriend there who ive known for about 8 years and now dating for 4 years! all our memories like personal emails we sent to each other. it upsets me so much because it was all there, everything! had i known this would of happened i would of at least some how send all those emails to my personal email.

  • d

    I don’t understand why they did this, the jerks. I’m so pissed beyond belief that they didn’t even give us notification that they would be deleting everything and not give us the opportunity to get it off their site and copied. Pictures that can not be replaced, messages from folks who are no longer with us and other material that I put on my site after spending many hours making it just right. I’m disgusted and heartbroken at the same time.

    I want my pictures back, MySpace. Hoping the legal action goes forward…in intend to check into it myself…..jerks.

  • Lacey

    This was the only place i had to visit and leave messages as a memorial to my daughters dad (he’s been a missing person since ’09). This was the only “living” memory i had left. Pictures i sent to MY myspace from old phones i don’t even have. I was just hunting for my daughters Kindergarten 1st day of school picture…it’s all gone. FUCK YOU MySpace!

  • Dave

    I’m just upset that I didn’t delete my old profile before they completely changed to new MySpace. A lot of people are saying that MySpace didn’t delete the old profiles technically but have denied access to them. I would’ve liked a heads up so when I deleted my old profile I would’ve rest assured that my old comments and statuses weren’t be read over just for their next social media promotion. Oh and Mobsters being shut down was bull but I personally got over that already

  • kate

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  • n0x

    FUCK YOU MYSPACE. I lost so much stuff that I’ll never get back, ever. Fuck You.

  • halexr

    I am so beyond angry about this. It might be silly to some and mean absolutely nothing to the geniuses at Myspace, but those are memories that I really liked to revisit during my nostalgic moments. I was a teenager on through to my early twenties when Myspace was hopping, a stage in my life where I had some of my best and worst moments, and a lot of that was cataloged on that site. I had messages from the lead singer of my favorite band, as well as from best friends who are no longer with me, and stories galore. In their pathetic attempt to recreate themselves, they have really screwed up. Bad. And in my opinion, until this situation is resolved the ONLY way it should be (giving us those messages and blogs back!), then they have officially sealed the coffin shut and put it six feet under.

  • DT

    Mine was just deleted, supposedly flagged as spam… no warning, just gone, but I can still see my profile picture when I google my user name and myspace, I really wish I could just get my pics back though :/

  • independentbrit

    I had the same problem but on the following community page there is a link to retrieve files – worked for me.

  • Ronny Sue Griffith-Turman

    It’s very easy to get back your photos. You only have one chance to do it correctly, so if you don’t understand have someone do it for you. I was super angry I thought mine were gone forever. The births of all my children and ten years of my photos. Lots of my family and friends passed away and that was the only pictures I had of them. I was crying my eyes out. I tried everything and every site said the same thing, how mad they were. I found a page after weeks of researching and found out the new myspace gives you 1 time to upload your pics. I was so nervous but it worked. I’m so happy I got back all my photos (like 3000 of them) and all my videos, yea. If you need help and they don’t delete this you can contact me at and I will see if I can help you. And the answer of people saying, backup your photos was really not very helpful, like jab the knife in deeper. LOL

  • Sereina

    Sickening. Shocking. Disappointing. Cheated. Betrayed. I’m up for a lawsuit.

  • drcnn831

    All of my pics are back! ….still no groups though…but all the music that was on my profile is there too…so its not too bad….I still miss my old page…I did all my own HTML coding.

  • KB_pissed

    I just wanted to view old HTML information to remember a band I used to love, whose song I’ve had stuck in my head but can’t remember the name of– or the band who performed it. Then, I realized every blog I ever wrote was gone– along with the old messages and comments between a dead friend and I. I was going to screenshot all those messages on my computer to take with me when I would finally get to return home and visit his grave. It was GOING to be my long awaited goodbye to a dear friend… SO MUCH FOR THAT.

  • Matthew Boyle

    what the heck?, I just logged in. Surely they would not delete everything. Who came up with that idea?

  • amanda

    I had about 300 photos of friends and family that I will never be able to see again. Its not right. I loved myspace. Where the fuck is this “tom” guy who was supposed to be in charge.

  • Jena Rose

    You can still get your old photos.Theyre under mixes..

  • Jen

    Strange, because I just logged onto MySpace after like 5 years, and all my old photos that I had totally forgotten about are all still on there.

  • jaeiero1992

    Silly me for thinking myspace would be a good place to store photos, i used it as a teenager and would regularly check it out every few months just to laugh at old photos and good times, reading messages and all that kind of thing, that was the best years of my life aged between 13-17, all the photos, messages, stories, fanfiction, and memories are gone and i am personally extremely annoyed at this fact, We uploaded music we created in highschool, admittedly it wasn’t the best, but i still don’t see how myspace thinks that this is okay? creators or not, get fucked you wankbasket of a fuckin website! i will apologize about my profanity WHEN and only WHEN everyone’s memories are restored.

  • Tammy Koontz

    It is so nice that my space deleted all of our pictures and content!! I would like to know what happened to all of our stuff..Screw you MYspace you suck!! If anyone wants to sue I would be interested!

  • Stephanie

    Class action against myspace let’s do this..Myspace has deleted our precious photos amd messages we will never get back.we posted it on Myspace so we could always look back at have tube still has my stuff but kyspqce had more that i cannot see anymore.ckassaction whos with me contact me

  • Ed Stearns

    This is Myspace’ way of throwing a tantrum as they went from #1 in social media to #10 behind FB, Twitter, et al. FU Myspace.

  • Shannon Bradley

    I’m furious. I had pictures and messages there with a now passed away friend. I had connections with long distance friends, I had years of blog posts and poems and thoughts. Now it’s all gone. I can no longer find those friends. My photos are gone. My band connections are gone. It’s all been wiped out. I am devastated.

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