The WSJ Increases Subscriber Stickiness with New Social Network

contentLate last week, News Corp addressed investors with a slide presentation that outlines the future of their massive content network. Their overall plan for success is to create great content, make it available across a dozen different platforms, then sell it for a reasonable price. Sounds simple when you put it that way.

Since 52% of the company’s revenue comes from advertising, the real secret is making properties such as The Wall Street Journal sticky. And how much do you love that term?

The plan, is to turn The Wall Street Journal into a destination for business men and women. Not just a place to read the news, but a place to network, exchange ideas and even store personal information.

Twitter Leads to Double the Leads and Other Social Media Facts [Infographic]

Even though it’s hard to prove, most marketers are sure that social media is worth the time, so it’s nice to see some statistical data saying that it is so. Today, that comes from an infographic by Cox Business. They gathered the data from a variety of sources, so this is kind of third hand, but there are a few points I’d like to discuss, beginning with. . .

twitter double leads

I’m a Twitter fan and I think it’s good for business. I admit that the speed of the feed and the noise level can be a problem but good things manage to get through all the time. Of all of the social media channels, Twitter is the one I use most for discovery. I’ve found new bloggers to follow and I’ve hooked up with app developers and other marketers — it’s a good channel for me.

Vine for Android Arrives …. Kinda.

Vine has arrived for Android. how do we know? Everyone is saying so and the Vine site looks like this.

Vine for Android

Trouble is that when you click on the Play Store button you get this (as of 10 am on June 3, 2013).

Google Play Not Available

I am sure this is a temporary thing but it shouldn’t happen at all should it?

UPDATE: All’s well in Android land as of 12:20 pm EST if you need your Vine app.

More Fuel for the Google+ Debate?

Google-Plus-Glossy-IconIf there is one area of the online space that there seems to be little or no middle ground, it’s regarding Google+.

In one camp we have Google+ converts. They are the ones who have decided to go and utilize Google+ no matter what the consequences. These folks get into it heavily and are definitely working to move the brand forward just by their attention to it. Chief amongst those that I have been made aware of is Mark Traphagen. If you are interested in learning just about anything about Google+ he is a good place to start.

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