Content and Mobile Top Cannes Lions Twitter Trends [Infographic]

cannes lions beachIf you have to spend a week at an industry conference this is the way to do it. Cannes Lions is a yearly celebration of creativity in communication. They give out awards in areas such as Mobile, Outdoor, Press and Radio and it’s so coveted by folks in the biz they call it the Oscars of Advertising.

This year, Cannes Lions received 35,765 entries from 92 countries and apparently a good time was had by most. Many of the winning entries were campaigns designed to help a cause or promote safety such as “Immortal Fans” which urges Brazilian soccer fans to become organ donors.

Google Groups Gets Update

Google Groups Screen ShotInternet confession time. I didn’t even realize there was a Google Group’s old version so today’s update is less of a “Oh that’s nice” and more like a “Oh crap another thing I am not an expert in!” moment.

At least I admit that I don’t use every possible product, service, gadget or whatever is in the busy Internet marketplace. I have used Yahoo! Groups in the past but I couldn’t tell you if that still exists (does it?).

At any rate, it really doesn’t mean diddly whether I do or don’t know anything here because for those who use Google Groups you are now moving forward with the new version whether you want to or not. From the Official Gmail Blog we get

YouTube Offers to Help Partners with Giant Ad Budgets Make More Money

yt partner programWhile presenting at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, YouTube announced that it’s going to selflessly help some of its partners produce more compelling (and more lucrative) content. The select few will be flown out to Los Angeles where they’ll spend a week working with production specialists who will help them create amazing, quality videos for YouTube. They’ll also be paired up with their own partner manager who will help them develop a killer content strategy.

It’s about sharing the wealth. It’s about raising the quality of YouTube. It’s a chance to rise above the rest and really shine.

And who are the chosen few? American Express, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson and PepsiCo for starters.

Google Now, Mine and YouTube Collections: I Wonder What Else I’ve Been Missing

secret_passageGoogle’s been keeping secrets from me. While researching the rumored “Google Mine” project, I found out that there are hidden pathways and content tricks that I didn’t know existed.

Those inquisitive little bloggers over at Google Operating System: Unofficial News and Tips About Google turned me on to Google Now. Visit and you’ll find a graphical list of topics that you searched in the past week and the past month.

It only picks up terms you searched on multiple occasions and it appears to only collect what you searched when you were logged in to your Google account.

Last week, I was looking up the movie The Internship and that led to this box. In Google’s mind, if I like The Internship, I’ll also enjoy Jurassic Park, Lincoln, Schindler’s List and ET. That’s one of the most mismatched collections of movies I’ve ever seen.

Facebook As Mobile Newspaper?

Facebook-News-FeedFunny what happens to an industry segment when Google decides to vacate even one area of it.

With the looming demise of Google’s RSS Reader (July 1) there is a news aggregation / collection / management / presentation race that is underway and the competition is getting tougher. Early on it appeared as if Feedly would have the advantage in the RSS race but now Aol has thrown their hat into the ring and, if the Wall Street Journal is right here, Facebook is is now entering the fray with a product that looks like Flipboard. Once that happens then you know there is something at stake because there isn’t a single potential advertising rock that Facebook won’t turn over in order to make investors happy again with the company.

Negative Comments on Unpublished Facebook Page Posts…Good or Bad?

facebook-icon 1Being Facebook advertisers, we all know a lot of social community managers and know what’s on their minds. Recently, many have been asking about negative comments on unpublished page posts, one of the newest (and best-received) advertising options on the platform.

Since the introduction of unpublished page posts on the newsfeed (more on how they work here), there are a lot more chances to see advertisements that some people want to comment on. Some comments are negative; some are positive. They range from totally necessary customer service requests to absolutely weird statements on the nature of the universe.

So, what are we as advertisers supposed to do about them? Are they negatively impacting a brand’s image on Facebook? The answer is of course that we don’t totally know yet. It’s both yes and no. But the quality of the comments – the relevance of the comments – does tell us something valuable about our targeting.

Jobs Movie Trailer Appears Online

You don’t need me to say anything. Just enjoy the trailer and maybe let us know what you think.