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instagram videoInstagram, your favorite photo with a filter app, now takes video! Short, 15 second videos that you can start and stop by lifting your finger off the button in order to animate inanimate objects. Cool, huh?

Wait. . . don’t I already have one of those apps on my phone? Oh right, it’s called Vine. Think the boys over there are telling themselves that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? No, probably not.

Video on Instagram is designed to help you capture all those beautiful, fun moments of your life then share them so you can make others jealous. Really. Watch this intro video and tell me it doesn’t make you feel bad. All those happy people doing cute things. . .

Sorry. Back to business.

The video portion has its own set of 13 filters and it comes with the new “Cinema Feature” which sounds cooler than it is. Basically, it’s a video stabilizer which didn’t work in my case.

Videos can only be shared on Instagram and they follow the same friend and privacy guidelines as Instagram photos.

I tested the app this morning and my results were terrible. I filmed the same little characters from my first Vine video and it came out shaky, blurry and the filters didn’t do much at all. After I play with it awhile, I’ll probably get better results, but right out of the box, I wasn’t bowled over like I was with Vine.

Video on Instagram is available on:

iPhone: People using a 3GS device or newer running iOS 5.0 or later

Android: People running Android 4.1 or later

If you have the app on your phone now, you need to download today’s update. Which makes me wonder, is it a coincidence that Vine upgraded their app two days ago? When I went to update Instagram I saw both apps just as I was thinking. . .hmm. . . now why do I need Vine if Instagram does the same job?

What do you think? Is there room for both on your phone?