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While mobile ad revenue is still not the lion’s share of ad revenue for most, the fact is it’s a growth area. Whatever the number that is attached to total mobile ad revenue worldwide is, Google is taking in over half of that total for now, according to eMarketer.

The chart comes from reports the research company has put together and if this is trending, Google looks to continue to take even more moving forward.

Net Mobile Internet Ad Revenue

Facebook is also trending well, at least according to this research. Of course, Facebook investors might be relieved to see this considering they are not all too happy with Mark Z. and his band of merry social networkers at the moment.

If you are Google you have to be looking at this as a double edged sword. It’s always good to have great market share. But with Google and the audacious share numbers it tends to put up in certain areas of the Internet space (2/3 of the search traffic in the US and even more in other areas of the world as the prime example) this kind of dominance simply opens the door for more cries of monopoly or some other negative business impact.

But regardless of that likely scenario, who is out there to compete? Who can provide the services that Google does the way that Google does especially in an mobile environment? Few, if any.

Do you see Google’s dominance in this category continuing to grow or will there be someone else who can come along and grab some of the mobile money that is showing up in increasing volume?