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The very nature of Internet advertising is changing rapidly as the traditional display ad or banner falls out of favor (mainly because the wrong expectations have been projected onto the offering by advertisers themselves) and the world of sponsorship, or native advertising, continues to grow at a fair clip.

eMarketer reports along with the accompanying chart

eMarketer estimates sponsorship spending in the US will rise 22.1% this year, from $1.54 billion in 2012 to $1.88 billion. By 2017, spending is expected to exceed $3 billion. While sponsorship still makes up only a small share of digital spending—less than 5%—total dollars spent are nevertheless significant.

US Digital Sponsorship Growth

Does this mean that the banner or display ad is dead? It shouldn’t. It simply means that it might now be used more appropriately as it is viewed as a branding play without having the expectation that people will click through in droves. They don’t and likely never will. Accept it an move on.

NOTE: Not so subtle sales pitch about to happen.

We recognized that a little while back as we now offer channel sponsorships to our advertising partners and it works much better for them because while they get a display aspect they can combine that with content marketing options that benefit from being placed here at Marketing Pilgrim. Pretty simple and straightforward (and VERY affordable with our special offer for the third quarter so contact us today for more information!)