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I’m always looking for new ways to measure my social media response, so I was excited when I heard that Twitter had “quietly” opened up analytics to the public. The tool is a subset of the Twitter Ad Dashboard. I’m not a Twitter advertiser but I was able to log-in and access some of my data.

twitter analytics

It’s hard to read, I know. I’ll have some close-ups in a minute.

At the top is a timeline showing Mentions, Follows and UnFollows. What I got was a section of data from May 14 through June 11. You can’t change this. It’s just a representative piece of the pie. I had 94 mentions in that time period. Since I have nothing to compare it to, I’d say that’s a nice number. I also picked up 108 follows. But I lost 46 people. That surprised me. Not that I think I’m so wonderful that no one ever leaves me, but it was a big reality check to see that I lose several followers on most days.

twitter analytics close 1I unfollow people all the time because they Tweet too much, the same things over and over or I’m just no longer interested in what they have to say. I don’t Tweet that much and I don’t repeat myself that often, so I have to assume the people who left did it because I’m no longer interesting. That hurts a little, but it’s the way of the world. We’re human. We change. We grow apart.

Moving on.

twitter analytics close 2The bottom half of the page is a long scroll of my Tweets. This goes back and back and back. . . I stopped looking when I hit last September. At a glance, I can see that I do send out a lot of Tweets promoting my articles. I’m a writer, can’t help it. The second batch is all TV related. No surprise to anyone who knows me. After that, it’s up for grabs.

You can sort your Tweets to see the “Best” or “Good” ones based on response. If you did really well, you get a blue sticker that tells you how you’ve surpassed your normal reach. My “reTweet” (from one of my own blogs – don’t tell) about the new Warner Instant program came out on top with 22 clicks, 23+ normal reach, 2 Faves, 2 reTweets and 1 “Replies” – that’s a good day’s work.

In addition to this tool, there’s a Follower page that is supposed to give you more insight into who follows you and who left you. When I click, it says there’s not enough data.

A quick look around the web tells me that this open analytics page is just a test. Not everyone has it and the information is far from complete. However, even as it stands now, I learned more about my Twitter account than I knew before.

One note: if you run several Twitter accounts, this tool is very IP stubborn. After logging in on one account, I had to close out Firefox and clear my cache before it would allow me to log-in to one of my other accounts. Simply logging out of Twitter wasn’t enough.

Have a minute? Go to: and see what you can see.

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