Posted June 27, 2013 2:08 pm by with 2 comments

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A report from Syncapse looks at reasons why people like brands on Facebook. In a shocking revelation 49% of the respondents said they liked brands on Facebook because they actually like the brand. Dang.

Reasons for Becoming a Brand Fan on Facebook

Do you really need ‘analysis’ of these results? Not likely. As a marketer you should know why people ‘Like’ you on Facebook for sure. If brands were really doing a good job, though, don’t you think it should be much more than half of those who like a brand is because they, you know, actually like the brand?

Maybe I’m just old fashioned. Your thoughts?

  • seoservices4smallbusiness

    Good reasons listed. I personally like it because to get the regular updates from my niche service pages and also to get good exposure of my business in popular pages.

  • Thanks for your attention to our research. I believe that you do need analysis to understand reasons for social membership because you don’t really know unless you find out. If it were so obvious, you wouldn’t see such wide variations among different brands, even similar ones in like categories. Cheers!