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I know I’ve been hard on Yahoo! these past few weeks but seriously, this is getting silly. Yahoo! has become that embarrassing mom who dresses and acts like she’s her teenager’s best friend. Let’s get real. Putting your stuff on Tumblr doesn’t automatically make you part of the Tumblr crowd.

yahoo tumblr


When I hit this page, I thought it was a fake account. This is your “official” announcement page? I was expecting to find a joke at the end of the post. What I did find was another one of those flashing gifs. These things make me nauseous. Stop it. Flashing back and forth between “before” and “after” doesn’t allow people to compare them side by side. This is no way to announce a new feature. Especially one that is important to business owners and marketers.

This is how you do it:

yahoo before yahoo after


Now you can now see the differences. They’ve removed the tabs for Web, Images, Video, etc (which I liked) and put them as plain links in the sidebar. That allowed the search results to move up higher and there’s more white space. These are both good things. Then they added a toolbar at the top that lists other Yahoo! products. That looks familiar, doesn’t it?

Search used to be the jewel in Yahoo’s (!) crown, but now it feels like it’s a throw away. The post directly below this mocks online dating and contains two more moving gifs, one of which is a group of poodles doing Jazzercise. It’s creepy.

The whole concept of overhauling the search page is kind of moot anyway.

powered by bing“Powered by Bing?” Why not just use Bing for your search and skip Yahoo! all together?

Rumor is that Yahoo! chief Marissa Mayer is looking to skip Bing in favor of Google because she says Bing isn’t living up to her standard. So much for the Bing it On challenge! According to Bloomberg, Yahoo! is stuck with Bing for at least another couple of years unless something catastrophic happens like Bing going out of business. Or aliens take over the planet. (I added that last part.)

At this point, Bing or Google doesn’t matter if Yahoo! is going to keep running around like a grandmother wearing an ironic T-shirt.

  • fran farrell

    In short, the yahoo CEO watched Google experiment with billions of search instances across thousands of alternative layouts to come up with Knowledge Graph answers to natural language questions while at Google and then capriciously picked Google’s way to layout the answers page. How odd.