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It’s not news that Google knows more about you than your parents do (or your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend etc etc). We know that and, to a certain extent, sign off on allowing it to happen.

The Wall Street Journal did an interesting piece looking at Google, privacy and the extent of their knowledge (as well as other entities like Facebook). I suggest you read it for the details. The following image gives some insight into just how much Google has on one WSJ reporter.

What Google Knows

This quote from the WSJ article really sums it all up though.

In 2,200 words, Google’s privacy policy puts few restrictions on how much it can collect or use. More than most peers, Google has been willing to show users some of the information it has collected about them, a feature they can access through their Google accounts or privacy settings. (Very few consumers actually use the tools, according to people familiar with their usage.)

With few people actually checking, does this discussion even have a place these days?

Your thoughts?

  • hoanlen

    I think the google know too much about our lives, making our lives feel unsafe.

    kiem tien tren internet

  • Brent White

    Wow, google has become Big Brother, and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.
    Brent White

  • johnnyray

    god damn google, violating Canadian privacy laws! They were told off by the Canadian government, but I still notice ads that target exactly when I’ve been searching up. Which is ILLEGAL.