Posted July 3, 2013 9:28 am by with 5 comments

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When posting an external link in Facebook the results on what thumbnail image accompanies that link can be hit or miss at best.

Well, Facebook has decided that page administrators are big boys and girls and could handle the idea of uploading their own thumbnails to better express their point of view on a link posted to their page. It looks like this

Facebook Upload Image for Thumbnail

While this seems minor it is actually a pretty big deal and a nice feature. There are times where the auto-generated thumbnails have almost nothing to do with a link. The trouble is that removing the thumbnail takes away a critical visual element that draws attention to the post. Having the ability to control that image should allow Facebook users to be more creative and give a better indication of their point of view regarding a linked story or item rather than the force fed images of the past.

This feature should be available to all. Are you seeing it?

  • Thank you. They should have longed done that.


  • cynthialil

    This is great news. I can’t wait to test this because I have a blog that won’t show any photos when I post a link and others that just have bad photos. I usually end up skipping this route completely and uploading a separate picture. I wonder what else they changed this week.

  • thinkhmm

    This is nice, but unfortunately, you now cannot choose to post a link WITHOUT an image. The checkbox for “No Image” is gone.

  • That would be great. The post with a link does not look effective without a thumbnail image. Its a great decision by Facebook.

  • corsiar707

    This does not seem to apply when you post a link in the comments of a post.