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facebook everyoneWe the people are entitled to certain, unalienable rights; life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and Facebook on our cell phones. Yes, I know there was a time when only the very elite (smartphone owners) could see their cousin’s funny, daily memes while on the go but Facebook is working to change all of that.

Facebook for Every Phone is the future of . . . . the past. . . ? I’m a technology snob. I admit it.

Facebook has worked out deals with cell phone providers all over the world, to offer Facebook on more than 3,000 different feature phones.

As of today, there are more than 1 million people using these apps to access Facebook. Users can post updates, browse photos, read their newsfeed, even connect via Messenger. That’s pretty nifty. Still, there’s something about the way Facebook presents the idea that bothers me.

Today, millions of people in developing markets like India, Indonesia and the Philippines are relying on this technology to connect with Facebook, without having to purchase a smartphone.

Wow. It’s not like they’re bringing clean water to a dying nation. And, it’s not like it’s free. In most cases, phone owners will have to pay the associated data charges. That can really add up if you spend a lot of time chatting through the app.

I do think that anything that brings people together is a good thing. If having Facebook on your phone helps a guy in Spain chat with a friend in India, that’s terrific. I believe that exposure to other cultures, even through Facebook, is worthwhile but we’re still just talking about a social media app.

Next year, Facebook begins work on mobile options for people who don’t have any kind of phone. It involves a very talented skywriter. . . .

Access for all. . .