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doomed7You can try to deny it but the facts make it so – humans are causing global mobile warming and believe me, you do not want to get caught out in the cold.

The folks at WompMobile take this threat to our internet existence very seriously. . . actually, they’re not taking it very serious at all and that’s why its so brilliant.

WompMobile is a start-up that wants to help businesses optimize their websites for mobile. It’s a noble cause because there’s nothing worse than browsing a broken website when you’re trying to buy  neon yellow, designer shoes with a 6-inch heel on your iPhone.

The Mobile Warming website opens with a trailer that is a cross between a SyFy B-movie teaser and a 1950’s educational scare film. Another page is filled with wild memes that support the cause. If you prefer the facts, there’s a selection of serious infographics. There’s also a Research Center – pop in your URL and you can see how it looks on iPhone, Android and Windows.

My favorite part is the “Save a Business” page. Here, mobile owners are encouraged to rat out a business who is in desperate need of intervention. It’s like one of those TV make-over shows but with mobile.

Madison Miner, CEO of WompMobile says;

“We hope our creative and humorous approach delivers the simple message that going mobile is smart business. With mobile browsing speeds getting faster, smartphones are the new digital storefront. More than ever, we rely on mobile devices to view websites, find local retailers, get information and make purchases.”

Even if you’re not looking for a mobile optimization solution, take at look at, it’s an excellent example of creativity in business marketing.  The whole site is a riot but it is a risk. Not everyone will appreciate the sense of humor and the poke at internet culture so instead of inspiring clients to click, it could turn them off. Personally, it makes me want to hire them right now.

Mobile Warming is not a hoax. Here’s the proof.