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Q2-2013-Social-Login-PreferencesFor many years, I was one of those people who resisted using the social login. I liked keeping all of my online personas in separate pockets and I worried about what would happen if I used my Facebook account to login to a shopping website. In some cases, the login generated a post on my Facebook page which, while not a horrible faux pas, is annoying. But with every passing day, I find myself clicking that “Login with Facebook” button more and more. Why? Because it’s easy.

I’d prefer to login using Twitter, but since I have multiple Twitter accounts, that often involves all sorts of logging out and logging in. There are a few sites that still use a dedicated email and password login but they’re few and far between.

Janrain is in the social login business, so they took the time to put together some lovely charts to show the growth in this area. As you can see (shift your eyes up and right), Facebook is the most popular login choice but check out Google+ with a mighty 34% of the pie.

Looking at it by category, Facebook rules music and gaming but Google+ is making a good showing on retail and media sites.

And they aren’t the only two players. When you look at business to business sites, LinkedIn is running neck and neck with Facebook.



Here’s what I’m thinking. I hit a lot of websites in a day and a large portion of them allow me to login with either Twitter or Facebook. The only time I can remember having a Google option is on a Google product such as Google Analytics or YouTube. So these numbers don’t necessarily point to Facebook as a preference, but rather Facebook as the most offered option.

Google claims Gmail has more than 425 million active users – if that’s so, why aren’t more developers making Google login an option on third-party sites?

Google+ may be lagging in the login field, but it’s rapidly expanding it’s sharing footprint. Searchmetrics believes that Google+ will take the social sharing top spot 2016. They say that even though Facebook usage is still growing, it’s growing at a slower rate. Google+ is showing a much sharper rise due to the number of Google and Android services that require a Google login.

Do you like using social logins or would you prefer to keep your social media accounts to yourself?

  • daniel reinoso

    daniel reinoso

  • I suspect that the biggest factor is that webmasters are using out-of-the-box software that implemented login via Facebook, and would be happy to offer Google+ but are waiting on the software developers to implement that capacity in a future version of the software (e.g., vBulletin).