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If you are running AdWords campaigns for your company or your clients then are likely to be aware that Google has offered the opportunity to switch campaigns over to the new enhanced campaign platform since the program was introduced back in February.

As with most things Google has given folks some time to make sure they move their existing campaigns to the enhanced platform so they can make sure everything transfers over accurately.

As I was reminded by the email below, if you have done this yet, you better do it now or else you are risking letting the chips fall as they may as Google throws the switch and turns all campaigns over to the enhanced version as of July 22.

Enhanced Google Campaigns

This is just a friendly reminder to our readers who have resisted the change or simply waited until the last minute. Looking at one sentence of the above announcement should be enough to make anyone want to take matters into their own hands rather than roll the dice. That sentence is

We strongly encourage you to upgrade all campaigns before July 22, 2013, so that they’re set up as you’d like.

Using my version of Google Translation which is me translating what Google is REALLY saying and you get:

We don’t know what will happen to your account if we simply throw the switch and you are brought back to the default settings but that is not really our concern since you have been warned. It’s not that we don’t care but we can’t stop our progress based on your inability to change. Have a nice day!

So if you are looking for help as we come down the homestretch you can use the Google enhanced campaign upgrade center to help. Either way, get it done your way or have it done Google’s way on July 22. It’s your call.

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