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While it may not seem like such a big deal on the surface, the change that Google has made to the web version of its Play store indicates something about Google that is gaining momentum.

The store now has the more playful (pun intended) look that most of Google’s Android apps have taken with the use of colors and simply being more visually appealing, not to mention easier to navigate and actually find what you are looking for.

The new main page looks like this and was announced in a Google+ post

Google Play Store Web Redesign

Interestingly enough, what we are seeing from Google in a design sense is a simpler more consistent look that is a little flat but it’s effective. Considering some of the screenshots that have been shared about the new look and feel of iOS 7 could it possibly appear like Apple is going to mimicking Google’s design elements? Now that would be a switch for sure and likely to knock the world off its axis.

In honor of today’s MLB All Star Game I did a search for baseball and the results were direct, clean and easy to understand.

Google Play Store Web Baseball Result

I have to credit Google with producing a very wide range of movie options for baseball since I would have never known that Dustin Hoffman narrated a documentary called “Jews and Baseball” in 2011. I was thinking more like “The Sandlot” but my horizons have been duly expanded courtesy of Google Play.

So back to the original thought of why this seemingly natural move to unify the look and feel of various properties is actually a big deal for Google. It’s simple. They are actually paying attention to the look and feel across various versions of the same property! Google is more well known for doing thing that have been ‘engineered by engineers for engineers’ and the aesthetic aspect was not even on the whiteboard. The new Google is committed to streamlining, unifying and prettying-up its product offerings which should make some competitors very concerned.

It’s hard to argue about the things Google does well. The trouble in the past has been that while Google knew what it was doing it often did a poor job of translating it into a language that the web commoner can understand. Those days are slipping away quickly and that’s good news for the marketplace.

So not to make too big of a deal out of a design upgrade, it’s important to see how Google is finally approaching the marketplace with a marketing eye. Some would have never thought they would see this day. I would posit that it will be more of the norm more quickly than we all might expect.

Your thoughts?

  • a9d2com

    Oh God, very cool Web Store to Match Android Version

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  • annoyed bob

    It’s a disgrace and mostly unusable.
    So many good features gone, nothing useful added.
    I was expecting version control and the ability to rollback to previous.
    I was expecting release notes for all updates.
    This rubbish update to something a 12 year old might create has given me the push to go to the Amazon App store.

    • FrankReed

      You do seemed pretty annoyed, Bob.

    • Abhishek

      I agree. I almost hate this new UI.

  • GR

    What a piece of trash. Now I have to go to the phone’s app to see which apps need were updated. Talking about trying your best to make UIs non-user friendly.