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How a Super-Villain Would Spend Google’s Revenue [Infographic]

billionaireWith Comic-Con just behind us and another weekend on the horizon, I thought it would be a great time to bust out the super-villain infographic.

This hand-drawn work of comic book-style art comes to us from Customer Magnetism, a digital marketing agency in Virgina Beach. It features a seriously insidious look at how a super villain would spend the 50.2 billion dollars that Google raked in last year.

The internet giant is probably going to spend its cash on silly things like product development, data security and hiring amazing and creative programmers. What a waste! They could be spending that money on a secret submarine lair in Norway or a crew of robot butlers. And let’s not forget a pen of hammer-head shark with “lasers.” Yes. I said “lasers.”

The folks at Customer Magnetism say that even though the comic book world is fictional, the dollar figures in this infographic are real. Reminds of those people who try to add up the 12 Days of Christmas gift costs.

Enjoy this walk on the wild side.



How would you spend 50.2 billion? Would you go super hero and spend it for the greater good? Or would you rather have laser sharks in your swimming pool?


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  • Digital Diva

    I am thinking you might just need the sharks to keep the undesirables away from your island ! My ex mother in law has a Chinese Crested and I think I might save the dog and let the loins chase her around instead ( yes I am kidding…kinda). Great post, you gave me a good laugh this morning! Love it !