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Infographic: Social Media Salaries Around the US

Now that we have grown up past the ‘social media is free’ stage (well, at least those who are paying attention have done this) we can now look at how much social media pros should be getting with regard to salary.

Onward Search has put together this guide looking at 20 markets in the US and the salaries for various jobs in the space including online community manager, social media copywriter, social media marketing manager and more.

Of course, we may not have known about this at all had it not been for Andy Beal posting it over at his Trackur blog. You should be reading that. Really.

So, are you making the money you should be making?


  • Danny Goodwin

    FYI Frank, that infographic looks like it was published sometime around Feb. 2012 based on the comments at the OS site.

    • FrankReed

      And unless we can get something more recent we will take what we can get especially in industry that is so new. Better to have some benchmark than none at all.