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Instagram-logoIn a bid to get its content spread across more of the Internet, Instagram has announced that it has enabled video and photo sharing.

The Verge reports

Instagram has just announced that all public photos and videos posted by its users are now embeddable anywhere on the web where HTML is supported, a move that should make Instagram content far more visible across the internet. When viewing an Instagram photo or video through the web interface, you’ll see a new “share” button that pulls up an embed code you can drop into any site that supports HTML. Instagram says only publicly-shared photos will have the “share” option, and the embedded content links back to the original photographer’s Instagram page.

The Internet is about sharing and moving content around for any reason a user can imagine. Anything that enables this option to spread, especially considering the popularity of Instagram, is a welcome change.

This in some ways reignites, or at least allows folks to revisit, the difficulties that exist between Instagram and Twitter which started when Instagram removed support for Twitter cards last year.

Before cutting off support for cards, any photo taken with Instagram and shared with Twitter could be embedded using the standard Twitter embed feature, but that option has been off the table since December.

Now Instagram users can do what they want where they want. Whether that’s a good thing depends on what is being shared and how much is being shared. At some point, even a millenial has to reach the saturation point, don’t you think?

  • rosachan

    Instagram is always upgrading. How cool is that huh! monkeys puzzles