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Are you planning on increasing or decreasing your social media investment in the next 12 months? Maybe spend more time pumping up that Google+ account or could it be you’re giving up on Pinterest?

The Creative Group, a specialized staffing service for interactive, design, marketing, advertising and public relations professionals, put in a phone call to 400 people in the biz and asked them that very question. They matched the answers to the same survey from last year and then turned it all into a colorful infographic.

We shall begin with the top slice:

creative group social media investment


First, I want to make the question clear:

Do you anticipate companies will increase or decrease their advertising/marketing investment in the following social media sites in the next 12 months?

To me, “investment” doesn’t have to mean money. If you run an agency and you have an employee who spends hours building clever Facebook posts, that’s an investment even if you don’t spend a dime to promote those posts.

We see the usual suspect on top but what’s interesting is that this year even more companies (62% vs 53%) are planning on increasing their investment in Facebook.

LinkedIn also got a huge vote of confidence from marketers with 51% planning to increase their time on that site. What’s amazing is that only a year ago, that number was only 38%. LinkedIn is a real force in social media these days and they just keep getting better.

Next, we have Google+ and Twitter:

creative group google

Google+ also got a small boost of confidence with 50% of marketers planning to increase their investment in the site. Last year it was only 41% but a full 11% were ambivalent. Now only 2% remain undecided giving the underdog a little push forward.

Twitter is one of four sites with more than a 12% decrease. Looks like folks aren’t as enamored with the system as they used to be. Or maybe they’ve just reached a high automation point where no further effort is needed to maintain their current standing.

And the young darlings. . . .

creative group youtube

Few people are rushing to spend more on these sites. Even worse, 12% are planning to spend less! I get it in regard to Pinterest and Instagram – those nuts were harder to crack than people first imagined. But I’m very surprised to see YouTube falling out of favor. What’s that all about?

Your turn. Is there a social media site that you’re pulling away from? One that’s taking up more of your time? Where will you be a year from now? Still juggling a dozen social media accounts or will you be spending your efforts on your top three? Chime in, we really want to know.

  • leawall

    No one beats facebook…WOW

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  • Sarah Jocson

    These social media sites are well known for marketing and it is also great to have a real time marketing or network . Unlike before its like talking to a wall. Today social media sites are ways to improve your business increase your knowledge because business owners share ideas online and react to other ideas people might have.